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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Year 2 Foxes' Class Blog

Summer Term 2 Update

Weeks 34 - 40

Week Beginning 13th June 2022


Wow! What a busy week Foxes have had! They are continuing to blow us all away with their learning and we couldn't be prouder of all they have achieved so far this year. We can't wait to see what they do next...


In English, we have written an explanation about how to grow a healthy plant. We worked hard to include the scientific vocabulary that we learnt in science and apply this effectively for our reader. Foxes also worked hard to include adverbs to sequence instructions but also explain how plants can grow strong and why. 

In Maths we have continued to develop our knowledge and understanding of time. After reading and showing the time accurately from quarter past to quarter to,  we used our knowledge of the 5 times tables to tell the time in 5 minute intervals. We looked at the shape of the clock and worked out how many minutes we in an hour, half an hour, quarter of an hour and three-quarters of an hour before making our our clocks to demonstrate and present our knowledge.

In Foxes, we always like to sing and this week in music was no exception! We began to learn a song about exploring the seas whilst learning about rests and fast and slow tempos. We identified when the words stayed on the same note and also how the rhythm became faster to fit in extra syllables when we sang, 'Never, never do.'. How sad it was when the ship sank to the bottom of the sea...

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Week Beginning 6th June 2022


This week we have been busy settling in for our final term and begun to prepare for our transitions in September. However, we continue to be incredibly busy and have really impressed visitors with our brilliant writing!


In English, we have written a diary recount as Ellie from 'The Diary of the Killer Cat' and some even chose Dad! Foxes tried hard to capture the character of the role and include vocabulary that shows their feelings - it was truly dreadful when Tuffy brought next door's dead rabbit in through the cat flap....

In Maths, we have been revising our knowledge of time from year 1 before we continue to build upon it next week! We have had lots of practise telling and writing the time from o'clock and half past and using this to solve problems.

In Science, we have been busy dissecting plants. We picked our own buttercups before identifying the different features and explaining their function. We then reasoned what might happen to the plant if it didn't have petals, leaves, roots or a stem.

Summer Term 1 Update

Weeks 29 - 33

Week Beginning 16th May 2022


This week has been fantastic as our amazing Fox learners who have been proving their skills and knowledge during their SATs assessments. We are unbelievably proud of their progress and everyone sparkled and shone!

Week Beginning 9th May 2022


This week has been another great week of learning for Foxes as we prepared to shine in our SATs next week. Foxes team know that our Year 2s will be amazing as always and we are super excited to show off all we have learnt this year.


In English, we have written our first drafts of a letter to humans, calling on them to change their choices so that we can protect endangered animals. There were some very passionate points of view and their use of grammar, punctuation and vocabulary was very impressive. Take a look at some examples below. 

In whole class reading, we have continued to read, The Diary of a Killer Cat. Foxes were amazed at how Tuffy managed to get Tuffy (next door's rabbit!) through the cat flap, but was he really responsible for his death....

In Maths, we have been revising addition, subtraction, multiplication and fraction knowledge. We have done a super job choosing efficient strategies to solve each problem. Also, we have begun to investigate shapes. We used art straws to make a 2d shape and then combined this to build a 3d one, describing the sides, faces and corners. 

Week Beginning 3rd May 2022


This week may have only been four days long, but Foxes have crammed it full of learning.


In English, we have written our own version of Frann Preston-Gannon's 'The Journey Home', and begun to gather factual information about other endangered animals. Foxes want to make other people aware of their new knowledge about animals who are at risk of extinction.

In Maths, we have been revising hard and applying our knowledge of addition and subtraction to solve problems with more than one step.

Finally, in science, we have found out that seeds will germinate in the dark and grow into plants, but they don't seem very healthy...

Foxes also went onto to explore seeds further by dissecting them to find the 'baby plant' (embryo), seed coat and the food source that gives energy to the new plant as it bursts outwards into the earth.

Week Beginning 25th April 2022


This week, we have welcomed back Foxes for the summer term and the children have settled back in superbly, ready for a busy half term and our Year 2 SATs assessments.


In English, we have begun to plan and write our own version of Frann Preston-Gannon's 'The Journey Home', choosing our own animals, habitats and mode of transport. Foxes have created some imaginative stories that apply the range of writing skills we have been developing over the year.

In Maths, we have been revising place value. We have been using part-whole models to represent numbers, along with our own drawings. In addition, we have been ordering and positioning numbers on a number line, making sure we keep checking our working for accuracy.

During our Kidsgrove Curriculum afternoon, Foxes learnt the names and locations of the five oceans along with interesting facts about each of the five Oceans using QR links. They learnt which continents each ocean touches and which are the largest and smallest of the oceans through song. They also began to construct their own globe which they will continue next week by adding the continents of the world.

Finally, in science, we have planned and set up our experiment to find out what conditions plants need in order to grow healthily.

Spring Term 2 Update

Weeks 24 - 28

Week Beginning 4th April 2022


This week, the sun has been shining and we have enjoyed our final week of learning before the Easter break. It goes without saying that Foxes have worked hard, striving to be the best learners they could be! 

In English, we have been continuing our exploration of 'The Journey Home' by publishing our setting descriptions of a storm and considering other animals who are endangered. Foxes researched why they may be at risk before creating a wanted poster from a point of view that they did not agree with.

In Maths, we have been recognising unit and non unit fractions, including finding two quarters or 3 three quarters of a shape or quantity. We have recognised that two quarters is equal to one half and continued to develop our skills of drawing our own bar models to explain our mathematical thinking.

Finally, on the last day, we enjoyed a range of Easter challenges, making cards and completing a mathematical Easter Egg Hunt to win a chocolate prize! 

Week Beginning 28th March 2022


This week, the brain sprinkles have been out because it has been assessment week. As always, Foxes have done themselves proud and they have all shone! They embodied our motto, "Be the Best You!" whilst completing their assessments and we have identified our strengths and areas for development which we will work on over the coming weeks.

In English, we have been publishing our retellings of 'The Journey' before we made a prediction about the hopes and dreams of the animals as they go in search of a new home. We have included a range of adjectives and different sentence types to keep our writing interesting for an audience.

In Maths, we have been recognising and finding a third of a shape or quantity. We have become much more accurate drawing our own bar models and explaining our mathematical thinking.

Finally, in Science, we have been creative by making our own masks for different animals that live in the many habitats we have been exploring. We thought carefully about how to use water colour paint to create the different features of the animals' fur, scales or feathers.

Week beginning 21st March


The sun has been shining, we have enjoyed the warm weather outside and our learning has shone also. It was a pleasure to welcome family and friends to our class assembly on Thursday. Please enjoy some of our learning!


Still image for this video

This week in English, we have been sequencing and recounting events from our core text, 'The Journey Home.' We chose to write from either the Polar Bear's or Panda's point of view. We worked hard to include expanded noun phrases, conjunctions and different types of sentences. Listen to the opening of some of our recounts.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

In Maths, we have been solving problems involving finding half and a quarter of an amount, including using the context of money. We have drawn bar models to sort the information we have, before using our knowledge of addition facts and doubling to solve the problems.

In Science, we have completed a survey of the insects that chose to move into our microhabitats. We went back out into the woodland area, enjoying the fresh, spring sunshine before recording our survey results in a bar chart. 

Finally, we thought about those who care for us. Why do we have a day to celebrate them each year? We then created something special for the wonderful women in our lives: mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other friends.

We hope they all enjoyed their special day on Sunday!

Week beginning 14th March


It has been an extremely busy week in the Foxes' Den with special events and visiting parents and as always we have been determined to be the best we can be.


This week in English, have begun to think about our new text, The Journey Home by Frann Preston-Gannon. We have been forming predictions and designing posters about how we can care for endangered animals.

In Maths, we have continued looking at finding halves and quarters of a shaped and an amount. We have learned to use a bar model and an array to find one quarter or half of a quantity and been working on drawing these mathematical models accurately in out books - we were super proud of our efforts!

For Science, we have been exploring microhabitats. We have thought carefully about the different microhabitats that can be found in different environments, such as a rotting branch in a pond. We then went out to explore the woodland area, enjoying the fresh, spring sunshine before setting up our own microhabitats (bug hotels) to survey next week. We wonder who may move in over the coming days?

We also created posters for National Science Week 2022.

Finally, we have been thinking about others in the world, developing our compassion and understanding of those who need our support. We have though about how we can be superheroes by demonstrating kindness, bravery and empathy, listening to Teddy's story as part of our Comic Relief learning and asking questions about during discussions about the war in Ukraine. 

Week beginning 7th March


Wow! What amazing week of learning in Foxes Class! We welcomed many visitors into our classroom on Thursday to watch our phonics and reading. As always, our learners shone beautifully, demonstrating our school's values at all times.


This week in English, have continued to investigate our mystery footprints. Luckily, we found out they belonged to a dodo bird which is now extinct. Therefore, we decided to create a fact file for the dodo. We began by collecting notes from videos we watched and information we read. Finally, we have used subheadings to organise information and create a non-chronological report.

In Maths this week, we have continued looking at division but started using this knowledge to find fractions of amounts. We learned that a fraction is part of a whole and it has a numerator (top number) and a denominator (bottom number). We have identified equal and unequal parts, finding multiple ways to make these in a shape and with a quantity. This linked to our division learning because the denominator tells us how many equal part the whole is split into. This meant we could use an array to find out the answer. Finally, we looked at how to find a half of a number by splitting equally into 2 groups while some of us were able to do this mentally by partitioning larger numbers.

In Science, we have been answering the question, What is a habitat? We have looked at urban, woodland, pond and coastal habitats and identified some of the organisms (plants and animals) that live there. We have they thought about why they live there? How are they able to survive and reproduce. We have used words such as: habitat, organism and natural.

Week beginning 28th February


The new half term has arrived, the days are stretching out and Foxes Class have got off to a shining start in their learning!


On Thursday 3rd March, we celebrated Wold Book day by snuggling in out pajamas and sharing lots of different books. We even enjoyed a special pudding prepared by our wonderful kitchen.

We also walked into our classroom to find a number of animal footprints? Who did they belong to? We looked carefully at their features to discover they belonged to a polar bear, elephant, orangutan and panda but there was still a mystery pair left...So we wrote some posters to display and letters for the National History Museum to see if they could help us.


In Maths, we have been learning to group counters in an array to solve multiplication and division problems. We now know our 2, 5 and 10 times table facts and will now focus on being able to retrieve these quickly and accurately.


In Science, we have begun to dive into the environments that surround us. What is living here? What was living here but is now dead? What has never lived? 

Spring Term 1 Update

Weeks 16 - 23

2022 has begun and Foxes Class have got off to a flying start in their learning!


In English, we have been wandering further into the forest and begun to write our instructions to the witch about how they can lure lost children to eat. Foxes have been incredibly creative in their writing and if a child really knew how the gingerbread house was constructed, they would certainly not want to eat it! Disgusting!

In science, we have been learning how to plan and carry out a fair test by identifying the variables. We have made predictions about how heat can change the properties of a material from a solid to a liquid and then tested our ideas to find out if we were right.

In RE, we have learnt about the Christian feast of the Epiphany and why this is an important part of the Christmas festival

Finally, we have also had fun playing in the snow...sadly lots of it was washed away by the end of the day.

Autumn Term 2 Update

Weeks 8-15

Incredibly, another half term has flown by! Foxes Class have been simply sensational in their learning this half term as they continue to be  awesome!


In phonics, we have continued to revise all alternative graphemes and been able to read increasingly tricky multisyllabic words. We have continued to investigate when and where these graphemes need to be applied so that we can be increasingly accurate spellers. Check out an example of our learning below! We work together to segment and blend quickly and easily using our robot arms and as we are now confident and resilient readers who apply our strategies well.


In English, we have been reading and writing traditional tales including Chicken Lickin and Hansel and Gretel. We have spent time outdoors in our school's woodland area as we panic about the sky falling down and find ourselves lost in the forest...

In Maths, we have applied our learning about place value and begun to use formal strategies for addition and subtraction. We have then applied our knowledge to problems including money. We worked together and found different ways to show our mathematical thinking using base 10, counters, number lines, place value charts, bar models, and part whole diagrams

As we have progressed through the term, we have been learning to order events on a time line, investigate the properties of materials and how to change these and get creative. We even performed our nativity to families and friends...!

Autumn Term 1 Update

Weeks 1-7

Wow! The first autumn term zoomed by and we worked extremely hard to be the awesome!


In phonics, we have been revising all the alternative graphemes and begun exploring when we choose these as accurate spellers. Check out an example of our learning below! We work together to segment and blend quickly and easily. As a result, we have found out that we are now more fluent readers.

In Maths, we have been learning about place value and begun counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have then applied our knowledge to problems including statistics. We worked together and found different ways to show our working using base 10, counters, number lines, place value charts, and part whole diagrams. We now know that we can check our answers and find other solutions.

In English, we have been reading 'A Walk in London'. We have written and published poetry about what we can see from the London Eye and created a non-chronological report about our unique capital. We used our wider curriculum knowledge to consider what a visitor may experience when in London and used our senses to describe the sights and sounds of the city. Listen to the story below.

As we have settled into the school year, we have been learning to work with new friends and develop resilience when overcoming tricky challenges. I wonder what we will be learning next term...!