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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Class Blog

WC Monday 29th March 


This week we have been focusing on shining through our assessments. We have all achieved massive goals and we are ready to take on new and exciting challenges. We have only achieved these goals through dedication and turning up every day prepared to learn. Our class has grown an incredible amount since the beginning of term and we look forward to taking on our summer term. Also, this week we have celebrated the Easter story and understood how the events took place then we finished off the week with an Easter Egg Hunt! Have a terrific Easter everyone and we look forward to seeing your happy faces :). 

Our days have started off with our 'Word of The Day' which has proven very successful, this week the main focus has been on the year 2 common exception words. Some amazing sentences have been created and we have expanded our sentences using conjunctions, adjectives and even adverbs. 


Our reading lessons have been focused on the first chapter of George's Marvellous Medicine. It is the first time we have used a chapter book and we have loved becoming detectives, flipping through the pages to find the answers to our VIPERS questions. We are still focusing on Inference and Retrieval but as we are gaining an in-depth understanding of these we will begin to include more after the half term. 


SPaG has been a wonderful mix of homophones which has brought laughs and giggles as we made up silly sentences and then corrected them. Our SPaG focus will show through in our spellings this week but take your time over the weekend as we will have a spelling fire round on Monday. Like every other week we have brought our SPaG into English writing making sure we use the correct two, to or too and there, they're and their. 


English writing has been an incredible injection of excitement as we began our journey to writing a character description of Grandma. Grandma is a nasty piece of work and we have explored many synonyms for bad, ugly, cold and mean. We have also used our senses to build a full true picture of Grandma. We are still working our magic on these but once completed we will share them with you, watch out as we have not been kind to Grandma.


In maths, we have been cutting and chopping pears, chocolate and anything we could get our hands-on. At the beginning of the week, we finished off working with quarters then moved onto thirds. We have made sure we know how to identify each fraction by building it, chopping it up and sharing it out. We have answered some tricky reasoning and problem-solving questions wonderfully which has encouraged us to use concrete resources so we had an even better understanding of the process.


Our Root Recovery has been amazing as we have continued to explore the poem 'The Qangle Wangle's hat' ( We have learnt new vocabulary and we are designing the 'actual' hat! Math Root Recovery has had a money focus which helped us to identify our coins again and use addition/subtraction to make sure we gave the correct change back. 


Let's keep the awesome attitudes going into our final week where we are going to explore Easter and why we celebrate it. Have an amazingly relaxing weekend!






This week has gone by in a flash! We have moved from strength to strength in all aspects of our learning so a massive pat on the back for all of the phenomenal efforts.


In our SPaG we have kept in theme with suffixes as we are really getting to grips with these. We have learnt the rules and the exceptions especially when it comes to irregular plurals.


Maths has brought equals into the equation. We have dug deep into our fraction investigation moving from wholes, to halves and onto quarters. Our half investigation saw us using lots of concrete resources from counters, paper and numicon to pictures, mirrors and symmetry. A halving fairy visited us on Tuesday night and cut up all of my pictures but not to worry year 2 put them all back together with their whole skill. For our quarter investigation, we used pears and found a really easy way of knowing when something is spilt equally into quarters, simply there are four equal parts of the whole!  


To end our Jack and The Beanstalk adventure we selected our favourite part and wrote it out beautifully! Then on Friday we designed and wrote our very own For sale sign for Daisy, maybe next time Jack takes a cow to market he may sell it for money instead of beans. This week we have used many skills including adjectives, adverbs, exclamation sentences, statement sentences, question sentences, full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. Have a look at our pieces of work to see how the magic rolls in Red Squirrel class.


Next week we see the beginning of our new class text called George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. To prepare your child for their leaning on Monday could you or your child read the first chapter over the weekend please?

WC 8th March


Wow-what an amazing week we have had. Our lessons have been fast-paced and we have enjoyed the added extras in the afternoon. We have continued with our suffixes in spelling, punctuation and grammar, these lessons have helped us an incredible amount as we are using them correctly within our writing. This week has also made way for our Big Write of Jack and the Beanstalk but with a few twists, we cannot wait to share our final pieces with you. 


We have been shape mad over the past few weeks which has been delightful as we can now use our knowledge whilst identifying 2D and 3D shapes.  Next week we will be moving onto fractions so hold on tight for fantastic, fun-filled, hands-on maths lessons. If you would like to discover a little bit before we begin our adventure you will find information on this website 


Our afternoons have been filled with arithmetic, wider curriculum reading, root recovery and our fantastic maths cafe. These lessons are helping us to recovery all of the learning we need to touch upon or revisit and are helping us to become quicker at recalling math facts. 


As always, have an amazing weekend and you know where I am if you need me :).



WC 1st March


This week we have dived straight into our shape journey. We have used practical equipment to make shapes and identify some of their properties. We will continue this into next week where we unfold the hidden aspects of 3D shapes!


Who doesn't like to receive a letter from Jack? This week we received a letter straight from Jack, he was very sad and sorry for his actions, after all stealing a hen, coins and harp isn't a good thing. We have pulled our writing forces together to develop an apology letter to the giant on Jack's behalf as he was too shy to write the letter himself. Hopefully, we receive a reply and the giant forgives Jack.


Our reading journey is getting better and better as we unfold our understanding of inference, at this stage inference is becoming second nature but we still need to keep pushing forward.


As we worked so incredibly hard this week we were all reward with some delicious hot chocolate and jam tarts.


Let's get our creative juices ready over the weekend so we can get imaginative with our story changes next week.

WC 1st February 2021


We have had an amazing week! We started off our English lesson by making crispy cakes. We had to follow the instructions perfectly so we ended up with beautifully delicious crispy cakes. We followed on from this by developing our own instructions ensuring we included the 5 different features.


SPaG and reading were linked very close to our writing so it flowed from one subject to the next. We read all about instructions and used the VIPERS to decode what the instructions included. Our sentence knowledge from last week helped us to decide how and where to use imperative verbs.


In maths, we moved onto investigating statistics which we found to be incredible fun. Using our bodies as pictograms and creating a tally by closing the gate.


Our root recovery focused on dictated sentences where we had to remember which spelling we required. We used our bodies to stamp out the sentence which helped us to remember them perfectly.


Our wider curriculum for this week has had a big focus on mental health and how important it is. We have learnt many aspects of mental health including how we can keep our minds healthy.


Thank you for such an inspiring week Red Squirrels.

WC 18th January 2021


This week we have worked super hard in all of our lessons. Our new class text is called Instructions written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Charles Vess. A very exciting book to get our juices going.

In SPaG our focus has been on the four different sentence types: statement, command, question and exclamation. The reason for focusing on this is so we know what sentences we need to use for our instructions.

In reading, we have been concentrating on the VIPERS and making sure we use all of our knowledge to help us answer the questions.

In English writing, we have been digging deep into our instruction features and using the different sentence types to support us with our instructions. We now know a command sentence is the best because its features, especially the bossy verb (imperative verb), really helps us to be bossy and direct.

Maths has been a wonderful adventure of division and towards the end of the week we mixed up multiplication and division which brought us nicely onto worded problems.

Our root recovery in the afternoon has focused on mixed up sentences. We have used our phonic knowledge to ensure the correct graphene was used and with the help of our common exception word mat, we decoded how to spell those tricky words correctly. Not forgetting checking for capital letters and full stops!

Our wider curriculum brought us onto safety where we paid particular attention to digital safety and how we can stay safe online.

Looking forward to another amazing week!