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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Class blog

Welcome to Week 1 for 2021-22

Our week may have been short but we managed to fit in a lot of learning. Not only have we got to know each other, but we have also come to grips with a new daily routine. This includes Phonics, Maths, PE, Finger Gym and Story Time to name but a few. We have had a fabulous time and am pleased to report for the first time in my career, their was no tears! You should all be very proud of yourselves to a brilliant start to your school week.

Our song of the week is ..........


Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Sing It)

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Warning, Warning, cute picture alert!!!

Our first day of Nursery pics.

We have begun to explore with our senses buy playing with the moulding soap. We used words such as "fluffy" and "soft" to descibe its texture. 

We used our hands and some tools to mould the playdough into different shapes, and to make patters on it. Oliver even made a Woffle!!

Mrs Tomlinson and myself were very lucky to have endless cups of tea and snacks provided all day in the home corner!

We loved using the paints to create pictures, we even noticed that some of the colours changed when we mixed them together.

A firm favourite in the classroom was our Doll House and Tree House. We had lots of fun pretending to be "Mummy and Daddy".

Next week will be Baseline week. Myself and Mrs Tomlinson will be observing the children to gather information on their current skill level. From this we can begin to develop a weekly programme that will cover areas of learning required for each individual child. This will be uploaded weekly on the blog so you see what we are all up too!

Week 37

With the children taking an interest in mermaids last week our nursery rhyme this week is "5 Little Mermaids"

Five Little Mermaids | Original Songs By Little Baby Club | kids songs

Learn the numbers with the five little mermaids. We have a nursery rhyme, song, video or game for every occasion here at Kids Baby Club. With home to many ca...

We had a great time playing with our new Mermaid small world.

Football fever started in school this week as we take an interest in England's progression in the European football cup.

In maths this week, we went on a number hunt around the school and then wrote them down on post it notes.

Miss Carr's Baby Shower

Thursday we celebrated the upcoming arrival of Miss Carr's baby "Frogmella".

Week 36

This week our nursery rhyme has been "The Sun has got his hat on". 

CBeebies: Something Special - The Sun Has Got His Hat On - Nursery Rhyme

Sing and sign along with Mr Tumble to the nursery rhyme The Sun Has Got Its Hat On.Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun game...

We talked about the how important it is to stay safe in the sun. We used the words Slip, Slop, Slap to help us remember..........Slip on a shirt, Slop on the sun cream and Slap on a hat. We watched an old Australian advert to help us remember. 

Slip! Slop! Slap! - The Original Sid the Seagull Video

One of the most successful health campaigns in Australia's history was launched in 1981, when a cheerful seagull in board shorts, t-shirt and hat danced his ...

Did you know we need the sun for lots of reasons. It helps to make things grow, it keeps us warm and it gives us vitamin D which is good for your bones!

We used various materials to create our own sun visors this week, these help to keep the sun of your face.

As you can see, we were very proud of our efforts.

We also talked about the different clothes we wear in the summer time and then set about designing our own swimming costumes and board shorts. 

Making the most of the beautiful weather we got to go outside and practice the skill of tapping out a simple rhythm, we did this using our big Kettle Drums. 

The day we had all been waiting for....... Sports Day Friday. We were lucky enough that the rain stayed away for us as we cheered on our peers and took part in our own, running, jumping and skipping races. We had a funtastic time.

Week 35

This week our focus has been Fathers Day. With our sound of the week being "d". Our nursery rhyme was "I love My Daddy".

I Love My Daddy | Happy Fathers Day Song | Fathers Day Songs | The Kiboomers

The Kiboomers! I Love My Daddy! Happy Fathers Day song.★Get this song on iTunes:

We made special cards and presents and talked about why we love them. 

We chose our paint colours carefully and painted a portrait of ourselves with our Daddy's.

In maths this week we practised writing our numbers outside, on the shed, windows and the tee-pee!

We have also been talking about our feelings, and what makes us happy and sad. We used the playdough to make faces as well as using our bodies to show a variety of emotions.

Check out our fabulous photos that we used to go on our Fathers Day gift.

We were so lucky on Friday, our Daddy's got to come to our outside playground and spend an hour with us. We got to blow bubbles together, play ball games, make crowns, cook in the mud kitchen and for those that were brave got to have a shave!!! We had a fabulous afternoon and the Daddy's were very well behaved!

Week 34

Welcome back after half term, we hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather. Our Focus this week is ice cream, we have been lucky enough to purchase a play ice cream cart from Aldi and we have loved it in our Ice cream parlour role play.

Our nursery rhyme this week is........

( to the tune of 10 green bottles)

5 ice lollies all on display

5 ice lollies all on display

and if 1 ice lolly should melt away

Then there will be 4 ice lollies all on display etc

After being with Miss Carr over the holidays, our caterpillars were not caterpillars any more, They had turned into Chrysalis's.

Over the course of the week the butterflies emerged out of there chrysalises. We loved watching them everyday and observing how and why they did what they did. We fed them some special syrup and oranges to make them strong ready to be released.

To tie in with our ice cream theme, we made our own delightful ice cream. We made an ice cream machine using a ziplock bag, some ice and some salt. In another ziplock bag me mixed sugar, milk and cream. Making sure the bag was sealed tight we put it inside the ice machine and shook, shook, shook. We had to keep shaking it so that air would get in and make it nice and creamy. After what seemed like forever we stopped and looked inside the bag. The ice cream had started to thicken, we had however ran out of ice so we decided to put it somewhere very cold........the freezer. After lunch we checked our creation and hey presto we had ice cream.

The weather has been glorious this week, and we have had talks about keeping cool and drinking lots of water. What better way to stay cool than setting up our paddling pools to soak our hot tired feet!

We then had a special treat from Miss Carr, can you guess what?

Over the holidays we took a book home to read. This week we have discussed what happened in our book, who was in it and where did it take place. We then drew a picture of the characters.

In phonics we made our own mega phone and used it to change the sound of our voices, it sure did made some of them louder!!

We have been busy practising for our sports day this week, running in a straight line is a challenge, but we get better everyday.

Saving the best till last and finishing our week on a very happy note, we made our own ice cream sundae's. We had chocolate and vanilla flavours as well as sprinkles, sauces, choc chips and wafers. Yum Yum

Week 33

Can you believe it is the last week of summer term 1. The time is just flying by. To finish our topic of In My Garden/Minibeasts, we are finishing the half term with the hungry caterpillar.

Hungry Caterpillars | Bug Songs | PINKFONG Songs

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We had slime in our water trough this week. We used words such as sticky, gooey, slimy and slippery to describe its texture.

We used different shaped pasta to represent the different stages of the butterfly life cycle. Did you know a butterfly starts as an egg, out of the eggs comes a caterpillar. When the caterpillar has eaten up lots of food and grown bigger it builds a chrysalis around its self. After a big sleep a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.

We made caterpillars using playdough and rolling it into balls. We also used paper to make paperchain caterpillars.

Outside we had great fun blowing bubbles, we blew 3d shapes called sphere's.

We talked about butterfly's and how they are the same on both sides. We then used the "blob and fold" method to make some butterfly's. We loved seeing the patterns that they made and noticed how some of the colours changed when they mixed together.

Week 32

Our focus this week has been frogs.

Did you know that frogs start their life as eggs called Frogspawn. Out of the eggs come tadpoles, these then grow legs and turn into froglets. After while the froglets loose their tales and turn into frogs.

Our song was "Galumph went the little green frog"

Little Green Frogs (Galumph), baby songs - Video for kids song

Little Green Frogs (Galumph), baby songs - Video for kids songvideos for children to sing along. Cute frogs with fun melodies, easy to sing. Remember to like...

We made some frogs for our display using yogurt pots!!

We used our fine motor skills to try and flick the frogs into the bowl. It was very tricky!

Our new Super Mario Land was very popular this week. A big thank you to Sebby for allowing us to borrow his toys and dress ups. Its been a firm favourite with all the children.

We took great pride in making our own frog life cycle hats. We had to make sure that we got the order correct before we stuck them down.

On Thursday it was national Bee day. We talked about how a Bee collects the nectar from the flowers and takes it back to the hive to turn it into honey. Did you know bees have 5 eyes!!!! Neither did we!!!

On Friday we celebrated Mrs Cartwright's Birthday as well as saying goodbye to our friend Oscar. We played a few games as well as eating cake!! We wish Oscar all the luck and happiness in his new school, you will be greatly missed.

Welcome to week 31

Our learning this week has been focused on that of Ladybirds and insects. Our song of the week was 5 Little ladybirds

😊 Five Little Ladybirds| the UK Version | Popular Kids Songs from Dave and Ava 😊

📲 Download Dave and Ava's App for iOS ► and Android ► Welcome Five Little Ladybugs - popular kids song from Dav...

We started the week by making our own ladybirds out of paper plates.

In maths we rolled a dice, what ever number it landed on was the number of spots we put on our Ladybird. Did you know that Ladybirds can have up to 20 spots!!!

We introduced the Garage to the role play area this week, the class room was a buzz of banging clattering as the bikes were being fixed!

After listing all of the insects we could think of, we took our check list outside to see what we could find. We lifted up rocks, looked under wood and checked out the trees to spot them.

We were so lucky to have a special guest visit us this week. Our child interests have been with the garage, so who better to come and tell us about cars that a real life Mechanic. Mr Tomlison very kindly brought along a car foe us to have a look at. He explained how a car needs 3 things to work, Petrol, Air and Fire (spark). The children loved listening to the engine and honking the horn!!

Shortly we will be setting up a small lending library in nursery. To promote the love of books and how to treat them with respect we went to visit the school library. We had great fun choosing books to look at and ended our session with a book about a Lazy Ladybird.

Week 30

Our nursery rhyme this week is "All the Colours of the Rainbow"

All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupAll The Colours Of The Rainbow · Play SchoolOnce Upon A Time℗ 2014 Australian Broadcasting CorporationReleased on...

Did you know that a rainbow appears when it is sunny and raining at the same time. Light passes through the raindrops creating the colours. Did you also know that their is no pink in a rainbow and they always appear opposite the sun.

We created our own rainbows using finger paints.

We used some plumbing pipes to make our own constructions, some of us even made rainbows!

We used the rainbow ribbons to make our own movements to the music.

By accident we found a brilliant song to dance to and has become one of our firm favourites.

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Awesome Rainbows (Dance-A-Long)

Subscribe! Koo Koo Kanga Roo's Awesome RainbowsMORE KOO KOO:► Spotify:► Apple Music:

We had a fabulous time blowing bubbles into paint to make rainbow pictures.

Week 29

Our nursery rhyme this week is

5 little sunflowers.

We started the week learning the different parts of a sunflower and its life cycle. Did you know that when the sunflower dies its seeds fall out? These then go to sleep over the winter and re-grow in spring.

We then planted and watered our own sunflower seeds. They are sitting in the class window and we are eagerly awaiting for something to happen!!


We did some beautiful paintings of sunflowers.

For math's this week we learned that there are more than one way of making 5, we used some flowers to help us work it out.

During outside play we used our sounds as targets on the floor. We then threw bean bags on them and shouted the sound that it had landed on.

We went on a hunt around the school to find lots of letters and words. We were able to read some of the signs and learned that they are giving us information and keeping us safe.

On Friday morning we started to do some weeding outside, this is to make way for our seeds that are growing in class. 

We had great fun playing with Mrs Cartwright's new game. We had to hilt the ball with a mallet and try to get it through the target. We also had to say which number was on our target. Sometimes we even added to numbers together!!!

Week 28

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Our nursery rhyme this week is Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Our focus over the next few weeks is all about Spring and In our Garden.

Role Play

Our role play area has been transformed into a garden centre. We have had great fun flower arranging, potting plants and buying our garden essentials!!

We used our feet to make carrots! We did take our own shoes and socks of first!!!

On Thursday we had a special guest at Nursery that came with Ivy's Mum and Uncle Jo. Dolly the Lamb put in a star performance in the play ground. She was very well behaved and we got to find out some interesting facts about Lambs. Dolly lives with Ivy's Nannie at the moment as her Mummy can not look after her. To feed her they give her fresh cows milk from a bottle!! Many thanks to Ivy's family for making this happen on such short notice, it was such a valuable experience for the children, they loved it.

After the visit of Dolly the lamb, some of us made lamb hats!!

Our passion of reading is beginning to shine through as we love to read to our friends.

Week 27

Our nursery rhyme this week is Hot Cross Buns.

Hot Cross Buns | Nursery Rhymes | Super Simple Songs

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This week in nursery it has been assessment, we have been busy making sure we have reached our termly goals and deterring where our leaning journey will take us next.

Getting creative

We used modeling clay and Easter pasta shapes to create our own patterns.

We made Easter cards using potato's as stamps in order to create egg shapes.

On Thursday the Easter Bunny made a secret visit to Nursery. He hid all our painted stones in the garden for us to find. Once we had found them we received a goody bag full of all things chocolaty. 

Some of wanted to look like the Easter bunny too!!

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Easter, may it be filled with chocolate and memories. Love Mrs Cartwright and Miss Carr. x

Week 26


Our learning this week has been all about Daffodils.

We did observational paintings of Daffodils, paying close attention to the parts of the flower such as flute, stem, petals and stamens.

We used the Numacon to help us count how many daffodils in the pots.

We used our gross motor skill to paint daffodils on giant plastic sheets out side. This was a huge success and enjoyed by all.

We made the most of the sunshine this week and took our classroom outside for the day. As you can see from the pictures below we had a fantastic time dancing, making cakes in the mud kitchen, riding bikes etc.

We practiced catching a ball, which is a bit tricky!

To finish of the week we planted our own seeds. We talked about what will happen to the seeds and what we need to do to look after them. Watch this space for flower updates!!

Week 25
Our nursery rhyme this week is "Miss Polly had a Dolly"
After spending the weekend pampering our Mummy's and Nannies we painted pictures of them and told our teachers what we did on that special day. This was then turned into a display in our classroom for everyone to see.
We went to the hall and experimented with different ways of moving, hopping, shuffling, rolling and skipping.
In the construction area we used tools and blocks to build beds for Miss Polly's dolly. They were rectangles just like our beds at home.
We acted out and sang "Miss Polly" using the props. 
We sequenced in order the events that happened in the nursery rhyme.
As we played our musical instruments we experimented with how we can change the sound, we played them loud and quietly by shaking and hitting them hard and soft.
The signs of spring are upon us so we went out into the playground to look at the trees. One tree is covered in buds. These we learned will turn into flowers. Spring is the season of new life and everything is beginning to wake up.

Week 24


Our nursery rhyme this week is "Row Row Row Your Boat"

Row Row Row Your Boat - Nursery Rhymes collection with lyrics by HeyKids

We loved singing along with our friends, especially when it came to screaming at the crocodile!!
Following on from book week last week, we painted some fantastic pictures of our selves in our costumes. We paid particular attention to the colours we used.
We used lego to design and build our own boats and then set them to sail in the water tray.