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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Class Blog

Week 36 (WC 21st June) 


This week has been assessment week in year.  We have completed past SATs papers.  I am extremely proud of everyone, they have made accelerated progress from the starting points at the beginning of the academic year. They have shown true acorn style and our school values. 


This week we have had two visitors in our classroom .


First, Shameem Richardson came and talked to us about money management, 




Then, MP Jonathan Gullis popped in.  We asked him lots of questions. 



Friday was Sports Day.  It may have rained in the afternoon, but it did not stop us!





Week 34 and 35


Welcome back to the summer 2 term and your final one before moving up to high school.  It will be a busy, but fun andn memorable term. 


As always we got staright back to learning. 


In English (writing) we have used the Disney Animation. 'Paperman'.  This is a romantic black and white film with no words.  We have starting looking at each plot point and beginning to build our narrative. 



In Maths, the focus of the last two weeks has been to consolidate fractions and percentages. 




In science we have moved on to a unit called 'The art of being human'.  We will be learning all about the heart and circulation.  As a hook into the learning we made blood with fruit. 




We then, learnt about the properties of blood and using large images of blood under a microscope used our observation skills to present our learning in creative ways. 




The text we are now using, alongside science if Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman. 

Week 32 (WC17/5)


We have really enjoyed science this week.  Our LO: identify key ideas of the theory of evolution and natural selection.



Use your jottings and the websites to create a double-page spread on Darwin and Wallace’s work on the theory of evolution and natural selection.


Use these headings to structure your spread.




Natural Selection

Theory of Evolution

Galapagos Islands

HMS Beagle

Travel Writing

We also learnt about how things evolve over time. Using the early pictures and evolved pictures of a blue whale, we used clay to sculpt the SIX stages of evolution. 




In English we published our informal letters.  Using the story from 'Holes' we wrote a letter home in the role of Stanley from Camp Green Lake telling the truth. 




In Wider Curriculum we continued our Hola Mexico topic and found out all about the Mayan Gods. 






Week 31 (WC 10th May)


Another successful week with lots of learning taking place in our classroom. 


In English we have published our non-chronological report about the Yellow-Spotted Lizard.




No time to lose and we have already moved onto identify the features and planning an informal letter. 




Maths we continued to bramch out our learning of angles 


Wider Curriculum learning conitued with the Mayans. 


Week 30 (WC3rd May)


It may have only been a 4 day week in school, but year 6 have not let that stop them from learning!


In English we have continued our class text 'Holes' and focussed on explaining questions and in writing we have drafted, edited and published a non-chronological report on the 'Yellow - Spotted Lizard'. 





In maths we have begun a two week unit on angles and in rapid reasoning we have completed multiplication and division questions 


In science we have been looking at how the moth adapts and evolves with its habitat. 


Topic this week; our learning has been all about Mexico.  We completed research and then produced 2 page spreads. 

Week 29 (WC 26th April)


It's been another busy week in year 6.  We have done lots of learning and started our plans and preperation for our final term in primary school. 


In Reading this week we have continued the text of 'Holes'.  As a class we are enjoying this book. Reading into writing has seen us complete a narrative that includes a description and beginning looking at the features of a non-chronological report. 




In maths the focus has been pie charts. 




In science we have used the book 'Moth' to support our learning about evolution. 



In topic we have carried out research to find out and then write a report about the festival 'Day of the Dead'.




Other information


I can confirm that the class have decided that they would like to do an end of year production.  This will be on Monday 19th July and the year 6 Prom will be Wednesday 21st July. 

Week 28 (WC 19/4/2021) 


Welcome back to the Summer 1 Term.  We got straight back on task and got down to working hard. 


Our new text for this half term is 'Holes'. Our writing this week began by writing a description of Camp Green Lake. 




In maths, we have been drawing, reading nad interpreting line graphs.  In Rapid Reasoning session we have focussed on Place Value and Whole Numbers. 





This term we have strated a new topic 'Hola Mexico!'  We have had an art week created day of the Dead masks.  


Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) is a two day holiday that reunites the living and dead. Families create ofrendas (Offerings) to honor their departed family members that have passed. These altars are decorated with bright yellow marigold flowers, photos of the departed, and the favorite foods and drinks of the one being honored. The offerings are believed to encourage visits from the land of the dead as the departed souls hear their prayers, smell their foods and join in the celebrations!


Day of the Dead is a rare holiday for celebrating death and life. It is unlike any holiday where mourning is exchanged for celebration.




Week 27 (WC 29th March)


It has been a really busy for the final week of the Spring Term.  Everyone has completed assessmnets in Reading, SPaG and Maths.  

We are so proud of everyone, their dedication, commitment and positive attitude towards their learning is incredible. That is why we have made massive progress from our starting points. 


In writing this week we have planned, drafted, editted our poetry.  The class made us cry with their 'tear jerker' line!


The afternoons have been alittle more relaxed this week and Mrs Boyson made cookies with the class.  They were Yum! 






We have some exciting plans for Summer Term. 


The class have decide as part of their end of primary school celebration they would like to put on a production and have chosen one called 'Prexit'.  More information about this follow in the coming weeks. 



They have also requested a prom.  We have agreed, however it will be an enterprising project! So they will have to raise there own funds.  So watch this space!




Make sure that you have a relaxing Easter Break and come back fully refreshed for the summer term. 




Week 26 (WC 22nd March) 

It has been another busy week in Year 6.  We concluded our text War Horse and lots of pupils have said this has been their favourite book so far. 


In English our focus changed to poetry.  We have been looking at war poems and next week we will be writing our own. Our proudest moment this week was when everyone performed. ( I am working on uploading these as it says the files are too large!)


During SPAG lessons this we have learnt about figuartive language.  On friday we challnged children in small groups to sort sentences into the seven groups of figuartive language. 




In preperation for next week, writing our own poems, we have used our SPAG knowledge to use figurative language to generate imagery for poetry. 






In maths, this week we have consolidated all 4 number operation.  The focus being on fluency then once confident progressing onto problem solving and reasoning).  





Week 25 - WC 15th March 


We have nearly finished reading our text, 'War Horse'.  Only 3 chapters left.  What do you predict will happen to Joey?  In SPAG our focus was Subjunctive Form and we published our writing - A discursive arguement - Should animlas be used in wars? 


Look at some of the excellent examples of our work. 






Next week we move onto war poetry. 



In branching out maths we concluded our ratio and proportion unit of work.  Using and calculating scale factors.  Then to finish problem solving using ratio and proportion. 




Recall artimetic was percentages.  We were resilient! 




Wider curriuclum, saw us complete our collabrative art pieces. 


Week 24 - W/C 8th March 2021



What a busy week we have had this week and it was brilliant to back together as a class again!  Everyone slipped back into the old routines and continued their learning journey as if we had not been apart.  Yera 6 you are amazing and I am so proud of each andn everyone of you.


In Maths this week we have been looking at Ratio and Proportion. We looked at finding a ratio by saying how much of one thing there is compared to another thing. We did this using pictorial, varied fluency and problem solving and reasoning.  Next week we will focus on Scaling - scale drawings up or down (by multiplying or dividing).




In Recall Arithmetic we were concentrating on adding, subtracting, mulitplying and dividing fractions. 




In Reading this week our focus areas have been vocabulary and inference. In the mornings we have continued with our key text 'War Horse'



In English, we began a discursive argument.  The question is 'Should animals be used in war?' 


Part of our SPAG lessons we focussed on Active and Passive Voice.  We sorted senetnces into groups and as the week progressed we applied our new learning. 





To strat our discursive argument, we identified features from the WAGOLL, completed research for and against, learnt about openers and then we had a debate to bring our learning to life. 





To launch Science Week we started off by looking at Alan Turing. We completed VIPERS questions to help us understand more about his life, contirbution in world war two and his invention.



To continue science week, we got creative and inveented things for the future to enter into the trust competition. 








Week 23  (WC 1st March)


A busy week of learning again.  This week in English persuasive letters were published. 






In Maths our focus was Volume and we had a maths cafe every afternoon. 




Science saw the completion of the topic 'Light' 



Week 22 - WC 25th February 


It has been a busy week back, for both the children in the classroom and those at home. 


We have started our new English Text 'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo. 



Our first peice of writing this half term is a persuasive letter based on the following poster. We have made a start by identifying the features of a persuasive letter and writing the introductory paragraph stating our main point. 





In maths, for the next two weeks, our focus will be perimeter, area and volume.  This week we focussed on perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes and area of triangles. 




Part of our wider curriculum learning for this week was a project to:



Check out what we achieved both in school and at home







Week 21 - WC 8th February 2021 


This week has been assessment week. We are so proud of each and everyone of you. Your commitment and dedication to your learning is phenomal! You have earned the week off!!!!


This week we have completed 2 page spreads.  We have used learning from the previous weeks topic work and researched any further questions we had. 


In PE this half term the foucs has been gym. 




On 9th February it was Safer Internet Day. 








Week 20 (WC 01/02/2021)


Wow! What an amazing week it has been. I can not believe ( well I can really) how sensational you have all been this week. Your work at home and in school has been sensational and we have had some fun and laughs along the way. 


It is children’s mental week so we have had this as a daily  focus on that daily.  Remember  I am always here if you need me.





Your writing this week has been superb. I have assessed your publish pieces and they really impressed me. 










In maths this week we have been converting measures.




In science we we continued our topic - light.  Our objective this week was to learn about refraction. 





Week 19 (W.C 25.02.2021)


Well we're halfway through this half term and what a different half term it is turning out to be!


A huge well done to those at home with all of your amazing home learning this week,  all the adults in class are so impressed!  We will continue to send out any extra prompts that we think could help you but if you would like something in particular, please just ask!


In English this week, we have started writing our narrative and been including dialouge to convey characterisation. 





This week in Maths, we have learnt all about percentages. We have been converting fractions to percentages, finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages, ordering and comparing fractions, decimals and percentages and even finding percentages of amounts!  Some of the work has been a little bit tricky, but we have not given up!





In Science, we have continued learning about Light.  This week, the focus was on the eye. 




This week, in wider curriculum, we continued our topic 'A Child's War'.  The focus was on rationing and wartime recipes and cooking.  It was good to see of your menus and meals. 





Check out some of the Home learning