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Kidsgrove Primary School

Empowering Learners...Growing Minds


Staff in Reception are 

Miss Newbon

Mrs Matthews


Welcome to Reception. From the very moment your child starts Reception our aim is to ensure that children are becoming ready for that transition to the National Curriculum in Year 1. Our transition is gentle, yet fast paced and we pride ourselves on ensuring your child's time is memorable and our relationships are strong, with not only the children but families too.


In Reception, we have short sharp bursts of fine motor skills on arrival, phonics, following the Essential Letters and Sounds programme, phonics into reading, phonics into spelling and active maths per day, lasting no longer than 20 minutes as this works best for our children.


To begin with, children work on their pre-writing shapes. Pre-writing shapes are the lines and shapes a child needs to be able to draw prior to learning to write.  They are the shapes which form letters, such as straight and curved lines.  Pre-writing shapes include the directional movements a child needs to make to be successful with writing.



Our aim is for the children to be phase 3 secure by the end of Reception, with phase 4 phonics being introduced. Children need to know at least 10 digraphs and be able to read words and sentences including the graphemes.


The children learn in the provision, child choice and interest being the centre of everything we do, where adult led learning is taken into the environment, working on each individual child’s next steps. Interventions are very personal to each child, should they require this. The curriculum is balanced and progressive, meaning that what children have learned in the nursery is built upon and learning in Reception is preparing children for the domains of the National Curriculum in Key Stage one. Children learn terms such as 'Geography' and 'History' and what they mean- all under our area of 'Understanding of the World' for example. 


We ensure that needs and interest are met and that children are consistently challenged, ensuring that progress is made and ultimately the outcome is a strong, resilient child, who is eager and excited to learn and to develop.