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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Learning Environment

Summer 2 


In our afternoon lesson this term we will be adding work, art work, photos, infographics and craft to our deforestation display. 

Summer 1 


Welcome to our new learning environment for this term! We have a wonderful Maya civilisation display ready to show case a 3D map, which the children are going to develop with famous Maya people, gods, trade routes, temples and landmarks! 


We are also introducing our new class book 'The curse of the Maya' by Johnny Pearce and Andy Loneragan- which the children are loving so far!


We also have a new science display as we introduce our Electricity topic in Science which will soon have a live circuit board on it, which the children will use to show their understanding of how electricity runs through a circuit board!


Say hello to our BRAND NEW READING area! With special thanks to Mrs Boyson for constructing it - our vision has come to life and an area for the children to wind down with a book is ready for them! 



I can already tell the children are going to love our new Science topic 'light' - we are going to be constructing some circuits to light up some light bulbs to add to this display! It is ready for all of our super scientist's work to go up and show their learning journey through out this new topic! 


Our NEW learning environment for this year is starting to take shape and the children are so involved with the new additions! We are so lucky to have our amazing Mrs Boyson, who has crafted our Anderson Shelter in support of our World War topic.

Our new history board ready for our Suffragettes topic is up and running! Featuring some beautiful artwork by our Mrs Boyson and a wealth of copies of historical documents suvh as newspaper articles, police reports, diary entries and propaganda posters to aid the children's curiosities. We are hoping to fill up the space once the children have made their own rosettes with Mrs Carter in their weekly art lesson! 💚💜

Our incredible Mrs Boyson has created this plane for our WW1 topic! We are so lucky and love how amazing our class looks with it! 🇬🇧