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Kidsgrove Primary School

Empowering Learners...Growing Minds

Reception rabbits Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage is where it all begins. Without a curriculum that is well balanced between child and adult led learning, and a framework that is based on interests and that is flexible, it would not be possible to ensure that children were ready for key stage one. 


This year, the Early Years Framework has changed slightly and such changes have allowed us to develop our very own curriculum. A curriculum that really gives our children the starting points that they need. A curriculum that focuses on going deeper within the areas of learning and allowing for more freedom to develop the right broad curriculum for OUR children. 


The link below will inform you of our curriculum. The ages and stages of an Early Years age child, along with the Early Learning Goals-our end of Reception goal.


We have broken the statements down into manageable 'chunks' to really understand our children and to ensure that each half term we are focussing on a curriculum that is progressive. Here you can see how we have broken down the Reception ages and stages.