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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Our Reading Schemes at Kidsgrove

How often will my child have a reading book?


In Year Reception - Year 6 Your child will have 3 - 5 reading books as a minimum per week 


Book 1/ 2 - will be a reading book(s) that practises the exact grapheme-phoneme correspondences that they have just been taught by their teacher that week - sent home on Friday. 

Book 3 / 4 - Fluency book - an easier book (lower band) to encourage quick, fluent reading to allow focus on comprehension skills to build up. We have question cards for your children linked to our VIPERS in class. 

Book 5 - Love for Reading book. 

For older children - due to the length of the books - they might receive just one well matched, one fluency and one love for reading book; unless free readers. Then we will encourage access to the 101 key books to read. 


In Nursery the pupils will have 



Book 1 - A book to share and enjoy reading - talking about what they listen too.

Spring Term 

Book 1- (As above)

Book 2 - Picture book / card - to talk about what they can see with learning activities - building language composition. 

Summer 2 

Book 1/2 - (As above)

Book 3 - Books matched to sounds they are learning (if children are ready)



Books for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and for any pupils Y2 - 6 still requiring phonics.


Our E Book Oxford Owl Library and Hard Copies Library (The digital school) 


The eBook Library for Letters and Sounds is a step-by-step synthetic phonics teaching framework. The eBook Library for Letters and Sounds contains 100 books precisely matched to each of the phonics teaching Sets. We also have all texts as a hard copy so that pupils can access the books either electronically or in a paper version.

It means that your child can enjoy reading books that practise the exact grapheme-phoneme correspondences that they have just been taught by their teacher. 

Oxford Owl is an award-winning website from Oxford University Press, created to support children’s learning both at home and at school.


Oxford Owl for Home is our website for parents and carers. Here, you’ll find information about the primary curriculum along with tips and activities to help your child with reading, English, and maths at home.

Oxford Owl for Home is written specially for parents to help you be as well-informed as you can be, making sure you have everything you need to support your child on their journey through primary school. From learning to read to understanding a tricky bit of maths, from the first day at school to making sense of exams. 

What if your child is struggling and needs more help beyond the Letters and Sound books?


If you child needs more practise at a set of sounds and has completed the schools phonic scheme books we will enhance their fluency and experience through catch up interventions and memory skills. This is an  approved government phonics scheme. This will be only used as an extension when required. You will see the same teaching sequence as letters and sounds making it compatible.