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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Y6 Owls Class Blog for Reading, Writing and Maths

Week 34


In reading this week we have focused our texts around health & wellbeing and how messages around these can be portrayed through different media including music.


In writing this week year 6 have plotted their plan for their very own scene of destruction. We have identified how this piece of writing is to be structured, using an appropriate frame and effective sentences. We have done the opening paragraph then the build up, resolution and ending will completed next week.


In maths this week we have focused on pie charts, firstly reading and interpreting statistics, pie charts with percentages then finally drawing our own pie charts using a protractor. Friday we consolidated our knowledge of the mean.

Week 33

Another brilliant and busy week in Year 6 before a well deserved half term. The children have taken great time and effort this week to publish their writing with some excellent artwork to showcase this, they have consolidated a tricky math skill and rounded the week off with a brilliant celebration for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. 



Year 6 have published their narrative writing based on A Monster Calls, they have immensely enjoyed drafting, editing and finally showcasing their best work. To accompany their writing, they produced a piece of "Nightmareish" art to depict the tree in Conor's nightmare. They did this using a watercolour wash for the background then using ink and blowing through a straw to create the silhouette, they were all wonderful. 




In maths this week we have looked at line graphs in greater detail including how to use scales, interpret data and statistics and how to construct a suitable graph to represent our findings. 


Week 32

The first week back after SATS week and Year 6 have hit the ground running with our new topics in writing, reading and maths.


In writing we have started our new class text, A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, and we are loving it so far. We have written a narrative based on the first chapter: 'The Nightmare' and we have focused on editing and up levelling the piece in preparation to publish next week.


In reading skills, as well as using our class text, we have also looked into the life of Rosa Parks. Our focus this week has been on vocabulary (and using this in context) and explaining our answers with evidence. 


In maths, we started the week recapping our prior knowledge of Coordinates before moving onto our new topic of Position and Direction. We ended the week with some tricky reasoning and problem solving questions that covered reflection and transition of Coordinates.

Week 29 -31 

The first three weeks of Summer 1 Term we have been thinking towards our Key Stage 2 Statutory Assessments. 


We have been revising SPAG, Reading and Maths. 


SATS Week is Monday 9th May to Thursday 12th May. 


Monday - English: Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (SPAG)

Tuesday - English: Reading

Wednesday - Maths Paper 1: Arithmetic and Paper 2: Reasoning 

Thursday - Maths Paper 3: Reasoning  


SATS breakfast will be at 8.30am each morning.  We will be serving a free SATs breakfast for all year 6 children.  There will be cereal, bagels, juice and other treats.  This is a great way to start the day! 


Don't forget to have a goodnight's sleep! 


You are amazing, you have worked hard and you are ready :) 


Week 28 ( WC 4th April)


The final week of the Spring Term.  It has been another busy one!. 


In redaing skills this week we have finished the test 'Holes'.  It has been one of our favourite books.  





Writing skills, we drafted, edited and published our informal letter inspired by the text 'Holes'. the focus was to write a letter home to Mom, focussing on informal words and phrases, subjunctive mood, and adding additional information through use of embedded clauses and colons to add explanation.



Parents SATs information

Week 27 (wc25th March) 


This week has been assessment week. I am so proud of each and everyone of our class. 

They have tried to be the best they can be on their assessments.  After completing them we identified our strengths and areas for developmet / targets / things we want to work on over the next couple of weeks.  


This weekend I have set no home learning so enjoy your weekend and come back refreshed and ready for a new week on Monday. You could always get creative and do your Easter egg entry!


Week 26 (WC21/3) 

Another busy week in year 6, but we have enjoyed the sunshine. 


In reading skills we used the text 'The Graveyard' but just the first chapter.  We loved it!  Our continued focus was on inference and explain.  There was definately lots of inferring this week.  We also concentrated on using PPE (point, evidence, explain) when answering explain questions. 




In writing we have written and published a non-chronological report all about a yellow-spotted lizard from our class text 'Holes'.




 In maths we have rounded off our measurement topic and completed SATs style problem solving and reasoning questions. 






Week 25 (WC 14th March) 

It has been a really busy week in school with various special events and parents in, but that hasn;t stopped year 6.

In reading skills this week we have studied the poem 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe. 


We studied each stanza by look at the vocaublary and meaning in context and then answered 2 or 3 VIPERS questions. 


In English Writing, we did lots of learning and key work (SPAGG / Skills) in preperation for writing a non-chronological report about a yellow spotted lizard. 

On monday we selected vocabulary and grammatical structures that reflect the level of formality required in a non-chronological report.

Tuesday we continued this by precis and improving a WABOLL. 

Wednseday identified the features of a non-chronological report and created a plan.

Finally we made sure we knew how to have cohesion between sentences in a non-chronological report. 


In maths we rounded off our unit on Area, Perimeter and Volume by learning how to find the area of a parallelogram and volume of 3D shapes. We did this through fluency and then applied our knowledge by answering problem solving and reasoning questions. In arithmetic we conitnue to consolidate our knowledge of Number and fractions, plus working on our speed answering these questions.  



Week 24 (WC 4th March)

Week 2 of the Spring 2 term in owl class and we have moved up another gear!


We have a new class text 'Holes' by Louis sachar. The focus for our reading sessions this week, taking in all of the VIPERS, were chapters 1, 2 and 3.  I think everyone is going to enjoy reading this book. 





In writing we have been:

1) Learning to describe a setting of a story effectively by writing a description of Camp Green Lake 

2) Leraning to use precise vocabulary and expanded noun phrases to crate a narrative integrating description by writing a narrative describing an encounter with a yellow spotted lizard. 

Maths we have begun a short topic on Area and perimeter. 


Week 23 (WC28th February)


Welcome back to the spring 2 term.  Hope you all had an enjoyable half term break? 


As soon as the children returned on Monday 28th, the year 5/6 pupil spent a fantastic 3 days at Standon Bowers doing different activities.  They all showed team spirit and resilience. Check out the photos on class dojo and the year 5/6 owls class page. 


On the thursday and Friday the children completed a piece of indpenednt writing recoutning their time at Standon Bowers. 



Week 22 (WC14th February)


It has been assessment week this week.  I am so proud of each and every memeber of our class.  Your behaviour and attitude was simply amazing.  You showed true Acorn values of excellence, determination, Courage and inspiration. Everyone has made accelerated progress in reading, Writing, SPAG and Maths.  All your hard work and commitment is showing.  


As it was Valentines Day on Monday we wrote a romance narrative based on the animation 'The Paperman'.  





Week 20 (31st January 2022)

Another fantastic week of learning in owls AM class. The children always show positive attitudes to  to their learning.  We are so proud of them. 


For reading skills sessions this week we have used a song, 'Waving through the window' by Ben Platt and the original cast of Dear Evan Hansen. 



In English we have used the disney animation 'Paperman' as the inspriation for writing a narrative romance.  This week we have drafted plot points 1 to 5 focussing on writing effective, cohesive sentences that use rich vocabulary and a range of punctuation.  Then we edited and improved them. 



In maths, we concluded our unit on fractions, decimals and percentages by learning how to understand how to convert decimals into fractions and how to find equivalent fractions and how to convert fractions into decimals using the short division method.  All this, as well as connected arithemtic sessions. 





Week 19 (WC 24th January)


This week we have published our charcater descriptions of William Beech form the text 'Goodnight Mister Tom'.  We have focused on his appearance and personality, and how this changes as the narrative progresses. 




Maths we conitnued with fractions, decimals and percentages; seeing the links between them. 





Week 18 (WC17th January) 


Another busy week in Owls AM class!


In reading skills we used the the first chapter from Once. Our focus was on the VIPERS of Inference and Explain. 




In Writing, we idnetifed the fearures of a charcter description and then planned one on the character of William Beech from Goodnight Mister Tom.  We then drfated the first paragraph that provided a brief overview and the second which described his apperaance, We will continue it next week by drafting a pargraph describing his personality, then drfat, edit nad publish the charcater description. 


In maths, our focus remained with percentages and we concluded this on Friday. Some of us found this tricky so we will keep reviewing and recapping nad support each other during our maths mentoring sessions. next week we began a block on decimals. 

Week 17 (WC 10th January)


It has been another busy week in our classroom.  Everyone has given 100% to all of their learning and shown some true resilence. 


In reading skills this week we had a very difficult non-fiction text all about the movement of bllod around the body.  Monday's lesson focussed on the vocabulary so we could understadn the text. 




In writing we completed our narrative drafts, did and edit and improve then published our work. 




in maths our attention turned to percentages and making the link to fractions. 



Check out our working walls and washing lines of learning. 



Week 16 (WC4th January)


Happy New Year! Welcome back to the Spring 1 term.  We have a lot of learning to do but the children have returned to school with amazing attitudes to learning.  This week behaviour, as always, has been 100%, as has been the effort in all lessons.  


This half term our high quality text is Goodnight Mr Tom. Our redaing skills has been focused around delving deeper into chapter one so we can write a third person narrative.





In maths, we have nearly complted our unit on fractions.  Don't forget that we shall be continuing our mentoring and coaching arithemtic sessions at 8.15am on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 


In English this week we have drafted, editted and published our discussion.  The title was 'Should Britain have fought in World War One?'






In reading we have been exploring the text 'The true story of the three little pigs.' 




In maths, we continued our unit on fractions with adding and subtracting. 




Check out our learning environment and working walls. 





Week 11 and 12


Over the last two weeks in reading skills we have been looking at two texts by Katherine Rundell, The Good Thieves and Rooftoppers. Our two focus VIPERS have been Inference and Explain.  



We enjoyed Rooftoppers so much we are now reading it as our class love for reading text. 


In English we have been looking at features of discussions and planning our own with the question Should Britain fought in world war 1? 




In maths we have began our unit on fractions - looking at equivalent, siimplifying and adding nad subtracting. 




Week 10 (WC 8th November)

Another busy week in year 6 owls class! 


Reading fous this week was around a short story called 'The perfect photo'. Our VIPERS focus areas this week were prdiction, vocabulary and inference. 




With it being Rememberance Day on Thursday, we watched a video and used it for comprhension too. 


In English we continued with our war poetry. 




In maths we were securing adn consolidating our knowledge of the four number operations. 





Week 9 (WC 1st November)


In reading this week our text was a newspaper article comparing meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.  The vipers focus was Inference and Explain, with a retrieval quick quiz daily. 





Innwriting we started a short ubnit on war poetry.  On Tuesday we looked at different poems and then our learning focussed on figuartive language. 






Maths , we continued with calculations nad problem solving and reasoning . 




Really proud of all the children thsis week witht he intoruduction of homelearning.  let's kep this up!





Week 8 (WC 18th October)


It has been assessment week and everyone has been focussed and over this half term made fantastic progress.  Together we have identified strength and set targets for next half term. 


To finish off the week we published our persuasive letters. 


Have a super half term!

Week 7 (WC 11th October) 

We are really enjoying War Horse.  This weeks reading objectives include understanding vocabulary in context, retrieval and Inference. 





We have begun a unit on writing a persuasive letter. 


We looked at WAGOLL to identify features, made a plan and began our drafts. 




Week 6 (WC 4th October)

We did double reading skills this week, with the introduction of our new class text 'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo. 





We also used song lyrics to answer comprehension questions. 



Some amazing publishing of the flashbacks.  Everyone has taken such pride and care in their presentation. 





A continuation of division, but this time long division. 




Week 5 (WC 27th September)

This week we have been reading all about influential people. 



We drafted and edited our flashbacks in our English writing sessions. 




Maths, our learning was all around division. 




Week 4 (WC 20th September)

We used the classics to support our reading skills learning this week.  We were retrieving information and inferring from information given.  



In writing we began our unit on writing a flashback from 'The Paino'.  


We then did skills to support our writing process. 



In maths, we started our unit on 'using all the four number operations.'



Week 3 (WC 13th September)

This week we enjoyed reading skills lessons as we used song lyrics to answer our VIPERS questions.  



A particular favourite was 'Defying Gravity' from the musical Wicked. 



In writing we used appropriate  vocabulary and wrote effective sentences to write a narrative recount of 'The Piano'.  We then published our work in our ;Acorn to Oak Book''. 

























We continued our place value journey in maths. This weeks focus was numbers to ten million. 





Week 2 (WC 6th September)



After the first week settling into the owls class, year 6 joined Mrs Johnson and Mrs Mayer each morning for reading, writing and maths learning.  


In reading this week our text focussed around resilience.  We used the books 'The dot' and 'You are awesome', plus the song 'Drive' by Incubus to answer retrieval and inference questions. 




In writing, we immersed ourselves in the animation 'The Piano'.  We analysed the scenes, explored the mood and its impact, we identified appropriate and challenging vocabulary. 




We started our maths with a unit of place value