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Kidsgrove Primary School

Empowering Learners...Growing Minds

Our Learning


Spring term 2 / Summer term 1 (part 1) 

🐛 â›…ïļ ðŸŠī In the garden ðŸŠī ⛅ïļ  ðŸ› 


This half term (and 3 weeks of Summer term 1), the children will be exploring the changing seasons through the theme of ‘In the Garden’ as we make the move from Winter into Spring, thus providing many opportunities for learning both in and outdoors. 

We will continue to make changes to our classroom environment as we move our learning forward and explore new and exciting things. Our role play area is now a garden centre, where the children have the opportunity to plant seeds, write their gardening shopping lists and explore a range of fiction and non-fiction texts all about Spring, planting seeds and growing vegetables.



Our prime and specific areas of learning continue to be the focus point for our learning as we push forward into the Summer term. 


This half term, as we plan to welcome all children officially back to school following a prolonged period of home schooling and remote learning, we have put into place a ‘Covid catch-up’ intervention plan, where we intend to boost the children’s literacy and maths skills in small, teacher-led sessions each day. These will run alongside the usual timetable as extra ‘booster’ sessions in the hope that we are able to close any gaps that may of occurred during the remote learning period. I will be running these groups myself with the support of Mrs Tomlinson, and Miss Fulcher will continue with the day to day teaching to ensure consistency for the children.  

Our children’s mental health is, as ever, of the utmost importance to us and we will continue to nurture them and encourage them to be the best that they can be as they settle back into our routines here at school. It is no secret that our children are absolutely wonderful and have adapted brilliantly through these unprecedented times. We are so looking forward to having them all officially back with us as we join together once again as a whole class to continue our learning journey once more as ‘Reception Rabbits’.  ðŸ° 

On a personal note, this will be my last half term working with the children before I commence my maternity leave, and during these final weeks as we approach Easter, I will do everything in my power with my wonderful team of ladies to ensure that our children are receiving the very best education that we are able to offer.  

Here’s to a wonderful half term in Reception! 

Miss Morrey, Miss Fulcher and Mrs Tomlinson x 



❄ïļ Spring Term 1 - All About Winter ❄ïļ 


 This half term in Reception, our little rabbits will be exploring our new topic ‘All About Winter’.

Please read our class blog page that will be updated weekly with new and exciting learning. 

We will be looking at the changing seasons, exploring our outdoor environment and looking at and discussing the changes in weather, such as; fog, rain, frost, and maybe even a sprinkling of snow! As ever, we will be focusing on the prime areas of learning which promote sharing and taking turns, and we will be settling into our new routines here in class as we enter the second term of the academic year. The prime areas are embedded into our every day routines and are an important aspect of our curriculum as they prepare the children for their schooling journey here with us at Kidsgrove. Our Phonics, Literacy and Maths lessons will continue to take place daily, as always. As you can see from our timetable above, we have teacher-directed activities taking place daily to cover all aspects of the EYFS curriculum. Our 'continuous provision' is the range of activities that we set up in addition to the teacher led sessions, which the children can access freely when they are not taking part in teacher-led groups.