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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Class Blog

Week 38

Our last full week in nursery see's us revisiting a lot of our past learning, further cementing our knowledge in these areas.

We are building Mr Potato head and talking about our feelings and what makes us feel that way.

We have rolled the dice and then either added or taken away the number of apples indicated on the dice.

Week 37

We are all superheroes

Not all heroes wear capes! We are looking at what makes us all super, it could be that we help our friends, take turns or share. 

We enjoyed playing a game of pairs, taking it in turns to turn over two superhero discs, If they were the same then we got to keep them, if not, we turned them back over and waited for our next turn.

We have designed our own superhero masks.

Using cardboard tubes the children have been busy painting, cutting an sticking their own superhero.

Using pallet paints, the children have been carefully painting superheroes.

Using cheerios we are following the lines of the pre writing patterns.

We are using the playdough to represent numbers. We are also practicing writing numerals, some of us are challenging ourselves and trying numbers over 10!

Week 36

Under the Sea

This week we are taking a deep dive into the ocean and looking at things that live under the sea.

We have enjoyed making some very snappy crabs out of tissue and cardboard tubes. 

Using bright coloured paint, the children have helped to create some beautiful scales for our rainbow fish. I think you will agree, it looks amazing on our display.

We have made some amazing rainbow fish with brightly coloured scales.

We have learned some amazing facts about jellyfish today, id you know they have no brains, eyes or spines and some glow in the dark. We made some very colourful jellyfish that now hang proudly in our corridor.

We have been cutting out fish from the play dough, then using brightly coloured buttons, we have given them some scales. Just like the character in our story "The Rainbow Fish" 

Using their counting skills, the children are using the magnetic rods to catch and then count the items found in the sea, such as fish, treasure chests and an octopus!

Today we had our very first "Come Dine With Me" experience at school. Some of us were lucky enough to have our parents/grandparents or Aunties join us for lunch, We got to choose from chicken curry or beef pie, yummo.

Week 35

To co-inside with our school beach day, we are learning about the seaside this week.

Punch and Judy shows are traditionally watched at the sea side, the children loved making there own puppets and used them in our pop up theatre.

A member of our nursery mice family went on holiday to the sea side, they very kindly brought some rock for us all to try, it was yummy, sticky but yummy.

We had the most amazing time at our beach day today. It was filled with laughter, splashing and sand between out toes.

We have become experts at making sandcastles in our sand pit. 

We have had fun designing our own sandcastles, cutting out shells and flags for decorations.

Using the play dough we are moulding, patting and rolling the dough to make fun sea side shapes.

On the math table we are building with the mega blocks, however we have to make sure the pictures match first.

Week 34

All around the world

We are going on a very special journey this week in nursery, we are taking a trip all around the world. Our aim is to look at all the cultural differences in various countries.

Our first stop is Russia, we learned that "privet" means "hello" and they like to eat goulash!

Using stamps and inkpads we made "babushka" dolls (it means old Russian woman!).

Today we have visited Italy where we looked at pictures of the leaning tower of Pisa, we used wool as spaghetti as we made a yummy picture of spaghetti bolognaise. Knowing that Italians love there pasta, we threaded it onto wool to make necklaces. We also created our own yummy pizza's using our cutting skills to cut out the toppings.



Today we have visited Spain, we made colourful castanets and tried some Flamenco dancing! In the afternoon we made some delicious Churros covered in yummy melted chocolate. Yummo

Aussie Aussie Aussie

G'day mate, welcome to Australia day. We have used an Aboriginal art form known at "dot painting" to create some Koalas and Wombats. Also using bright colours we decorated some boomerangs.

We have finished our world tour today with a visit to Poland. Poland is very special to Mrs Tomlinson as it is where she was born and her family live.

We were very lucky to be able to try some Polish food, we tried Kabanos which is a dried pork sausage, some chicken sausage, sponge cakes and Krowka which is a cream fudge, yum yum.

Stacking cups and posting toothpicks are keeping our fingers nimble this week. We have made some fabulous pyramids which can be found in Egypt.

Our small world area is out of this world. The children are enjoying our new space theme, with alien creatures, rocket ships and astronauts. 

Week 33


This week we are talking about all the different types of holidays. Some of us go camping, some of us stay in caravans and some of us get to stay in hotels. You don't have to stay in England to be on holiday, you can also go to the airport to catch an aeroplane to places far, far away.

We were lucky enough to have a guided tour of Mrs Johnson's camper van! We got to lie on her bed, look in her fridge and find her toilet!

We had a very yummy treat today, we made s'mores........microwave style! We layered up biscuits, chocolate and marshmallows and then popped them into the microwave until they melted. They were very gooey but delicious. 

Using pre cut shapes we are creating colourful summer pictures.

The shells make lovely patterns and shapes when you press them into the moon sand. We are also moulding the sand with our fingers.

The children are loving our new campsite roleplay area. It comes complete with BBQ, campfire and coffee stand. 

We had the most amazing Father's day celebration this morning. Thank you to all who attended, we had so much fun covering you with shaving foam, hammering in nails and enjoying the glorious sunshine.

Week 32

All about bee's

Did you know that bee's are responsible for a third of all food that is grown? This week we will be learning lots of fun facts about this wonderful insect.


Bee's have black and yellow stripes and wings, using a paper plate we made our own bee's which now hang in our book corner.

Using or cutting skills, we cut out all the pieces to create a bee, not forgetting its stinger on its bottom!

Did you know that bees have 2 tummies? one is especially for making homey in! 

We carefully wrapped black and yellow wool around pine cones to create some buzzy bees.

Using our observational skills we have painted some amazing bee pictures.

Our taste buds have been working overtime as we made some delicious Honey Joys. We melted butter, sugar and honey, then added some cornflakes. We mixed it all together before spooning it into cake cases. We then cooked them in the oven......yum yum.

The Bee Bots kept us very entertained today as we programmed them to go backwards and forwards outside.

We are pushing golf tee's into the playdough and then balancing marbles on top, it is very tricky and the marbles roll everywhere!!

On our math table we have been using pegs of different sizes to create repeating patterns and beautiful pictures.

Week 32


This week our focus is on numbers, we are cementing our knowledge of numbers up to 5, some of us are going all the way up to 10!

We have been playing some fun games on the interactive board, we have been counting spots on ladybirds and feeding the bear the correct  amount of cakes.

With the numacon, we have been counting out conkers!

Using some very clever rhymes, we are practicing writing numerals.

We have been rolling the dice and finding the numeral on our bingo cards.

On the magic boards we have been practicing writing some of our phonics sounds as well as drawing some awesome pictures.

Using our fine motor skills, we are threading the discs onto the pegs, we also have to count how many discs we are adding to make sure they match the numeral, it sounds tricky but we are very clever in nursery. 

Week 31

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is on our menu this week, we have been making some healthy sandwiches and reading about the adventures of "Supertato"

The children have been deciding what foods are ok to eat a lot of and what foods we should only eat a little of.

Our cutting skills were put to the test as we cut out fruit pieces to make a healthy fruit kebab.

We have created some beautiful bowls of fruit using the coloured pens. We made sure we selected the correct colour for each piece, we most certainly did not want blue bananas!

We have made some delicious looking fruit kebabs using fresh fruit, we dipped it into paint and made fruit prints on our paper.

What a treat we had today, we made our very own fruit smoothies. First we carefully chopped up some bananas, strawberries and blueberries. We then put them in the blender with some milk and blended them all together. Yum yum.

using the hand shaped tongs, the children are picking up the blocks and making towers.

The children are shopping for fruit and vegetables to make smoothies in our role play area. Yum yum.

Fairy land has come to nursey, it if filled with magical unicorns and fairies, whimsical houses and a rainbow river.

Week 30



On  big sheets of paper we have practiced drawing 2d shapes.

We have created some beautiful stained glass windows that are filled with brightly coloured shapes.

We used scissors to cut out 2d shapes and match them up with the correct picture.

Baking was our activity today. We mixed together together our ingredients to make gingerbread, then using cutters we cut them out into lots of different 2d shapes.

We are using pop sticks to create some 2d shapes.

Using playdough we are cutting out a selection of 2d shapes.

We are putting our phonics knowledge to good use as we practice tracing around some sounds.

Week 29

King Charles 111 Coronation

To celebrate the upcoming coronation of King Charles 111 we are talking about where he lives and what he does, we will end our week with a royal cream tea party wearing our crowns and gowns. 

Using red, white and blue tissue, the children have decorated pictures of King Charles 111.

Using an array of bright sparkly sequins and beads, we have created crowns fit for a king.

We have used our fingers to paint some fabulous Union Jack flags.

We celebrated in style today with a class tea party in the morning and a school pic-nic in the afternoon, we had a fabulous time munching on all those lovely scones that we had smothered in jam!

Our math table is encouraging the children to talk about eight. Using the scales they are weighing out the precious gems to see if they are heavy or light.

The children are weaving the pipe cleaners through the holes in the cullenders. Its quite tricky but we have to be patient and practice.

We are having great fun using coloured markers and note pads, making notes and drawing pictures.

Week 28


We are looking at the many different types of transportation this week. We will pay particular attention as to weather it uses land, sea or air to travel.

We had great fun turning paper plates into cars, we cut out windows and wheels and painted them with brightly coloured paint.

We have been counting passengers on and off the bus in our game today. We did some fabulous counting up to 10.

Using scissors and glue sticks we created some fabulous scenes of all different types on transport.