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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Class Blog

Week commencing 19th June 2023


This week started off the last Otters assessments for the academic year. All pupils have showed excellent determination to succeed. They have all made brilliant progress all year and showed how much they have learnt. 



In English this week we finished off our independent writes based on our class focus, How to Skin a Bear. The Otters have outdone themselves in their creativity and showed their ability in writing. 



This week alongside assessments Otters looked at converting units, kilograms, grams, kilometres and metres were all the focus for the work and they showed excellent understanding when using problem solving and reasoning skills.



As our Stone Age day draws nearer, Otters expanded their understanding to the lives of our Hunter-Gatherer nomadic ancestors and looked into the cave art they produced to tell stories. Also, understanding where the term pre-historic comes from.


Overall a fantastic week with some excellent work produced, well done to all the Otters for their outstanding contribution to the lessons this week.

Week commencing 12th June



This week Otters came under pressure from the searing heat and have persevered in their work. The temperatures only seemed to heighten their excitement for learning and wanted them to complete work quicker for a well-deserved cooling break.



In Maths this week Otters began practicing for their final assessments by reviewing 4 digit by 2 digit multiplication and cube numbers. Although a difficult concept, with a bit of reassurance they continued through and completed work wonderfully.



This week in Reading lessons Otters were taken back to Le French Revolution, by looking into Les Miserables. Although not every pupils cup of tea, they enjoyed learning about the background of the story and even learnt some new vocabulary that they hadn't heard before. 



This week Otters continued their work in the Stone Age by looking at Hunter-Gatherers. Developing an understanding of what foods they would have eaten. Also, Otters looked into the Inuit people of the Arctic Region, learning about what it takes to survive such harsh conditions.


A fantastic and warm week has been had, on to the next one with even more commitment from all the Otters.


Well done!

This week we welcomed back our Otters following half-term break. With some lovely weather and hard work they were straight back into the swing of things.




This week Otters looked at a song from Mary Poppins, understanding the meaning behind the lyrics and reviewing the emotions a father was feeling after losing his wife. In writing, Otters started their writing unit looking at the text 'How to skin a bear' about a Stone Age girl called Bee and her dog Dog. They have produced some quality work already and I look forward to the rest of the unit. 




This week Otters began their consolidation block ready for their final quizzes of the year. They have been looking at coordinates and square numbers and have outdone themselves with their memory in these areas.



This week Otters started to look at the Stone Age topic and began to expand their vocabulary. They have been engrossed in the learning and have been creating some wonderful work already. 



Otters have also been taken back by the fly by of the Red Arrows on Friday over Kidsgrove, which led us to adapt our lesson and do some map work tracking planes on their journeys around the world. Looking at where they have arrived from and continents these countries are in, to also where they have flown over in different directions. 


Otters presentations on Plastic Pollution in the UK

WC 8th May 


This week Otters have widen their understanding of the natural world by looking into the impact humans have had through waste pollution. This has opened the doors to many of out Otters who have now decided to do a school litter pick each day, highlighting the issue within schools in the UK.



This week Otters have looked into persuasive writing and began looking into writing a speech to stop plastic pollution within UK schools. 


TG: Looking at the damage its causing in the world, we need to stop littering and dumping waste into the sea.

EJM: We need to stop using single-use plastic and this is killing animals in the oceans.



This week Otters looked at another difficult concept which focused on division of decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. This was challenging in the initial few days but all Otters came through with confidence and are more than capable of completing varied fluency tasks on this area.



Otters have delved further into the world of Children at Work, by looking at children in the Victorian and Tudor periods and what jobs they were able to do. 


TS: I can't believe children as young as 5 go to work.


Overall a fantastic week from our Otters. Also a special thank you to those who respected the Year 6s as they were completing the SATs this week. Our Year 5s are understanding the expectation and are getting themselves prepped for this challenge.


WC 24th April 2023


Otters this week have delved deeper into the world of Angles within Maths and deepened their understanding of emotions in English.



This week Otters have finalised their Narrative learning and are now preparing to go into their independant writes and creating a unique ending to a story. In Reading, Otters have looked into the musical talents of SIA again and have began to deepen their knowledge of emotions in songs.



Otters have looked at the world of Angles in more detail this week and have began to develop their understanding of how to work out missing angles from an array of Angles.


RW: I found this week difficult at first, but now I know what I am doing I feel more comfortable with angles.



This week Otters looked at cross-reference images of Antarctica and began to understand how the Continent is made up. In history, Otters have looked further in Children across history and understood how money could often play a part in going to school across hundreds of years.

This week Otters have come back from half term with a positive attitude to learning. A willingness to succeed and a passion for education. They have done a range of lessons this week including: History, Computing, Spanish, PE, music, Art and also Maths and English.




This week in Reading, Otters have looked SIA and her song Titanium. They looked at the video of the song using inference, retrieval and explanation skills to understand the song and the meaning behind it. 


RS: The meaning of the song Titanium was to not bully people.

HB: I liked the video because it interested me and made me want to watch more.

BMS: I liked how they came up with the storyline in the video to link to the song.


This week in Writing, Otters have looked at One Small Step. MS: It is a video about a girl who one day wants to be an astronaut. 




BR: This week we looked at Angles. SL: We learnt about Right angles, Acute angles and Obtuse angles. FBL: A right angle is 90 degrees. A Obtuse angle is more than 90 degrees but less that 180 degrees. TG and MS: A full circle is 360 degrees and half is 180 degrees.



EJM: We looked at children at work. AP: We moved stuff around the room, HB: This showed how we used Children at work in the Victorian period.



CW: In computing we looked at different signs and guess what they were. TG: We looked at signs and whether they were easy to read with images or text. 


This week saw Otters return to Assessments in Reading, Maths and SPaG. They have all shown tremendous progress throughout the assessments and persevered when questions got difficult. Otters also looked at muscles by performing an exercise based experiment, which showed some great results.

EJM "The exercise made my legs hurt for two days, but it made me learn about muscle tiredness in a fun way."

HB "It was a fun way to learn."


English - Along with assessments, Otters had been looking at similes of colours ready for their writing next week, where they will be creating a poem.


Maths - Another assessment heavy week, however, Otters looked at ordering decimals around the room from smallest to largest.


Topic - Otters created a double page spread about all they have learnt in the Topic this term of Rivers. 

RW "I learnt about the River Thames, River Murray, The Ganges and the River Nile."


Week commencing 6th March 2023.


This week saw an eventful week for the Otters, from creative English lessons to wild weather. All Otters this week were fantastic and although the weather caused disruption, they worked hard within their lessons.



This week Otters continued their diary entry with looking at Chariot Racing, they made their own recycled chariots out of old milk bottles, bits of card and some wheels they had found. A brilliant creative lesson all round. 

CW - "I thought the lesson was successful, because we could recall the information learnt about Ancient Egypt."

BF - "It was an amazing lesson, we got to be creative."



This week in Maths, Otters expanded their understanding of decimals and place value, whilst creating fractions out of these decimals. Difficult it seemed, but they pushed on and were successful when working in a decimals lesson with Badgers.



This week Otters learnt about pyramids and how they were built. 

AP- "We learnt about the step pyramids." OG - "The bent pyramid went wrong because the angle of the building was wrong causing it to be built differently half way up."

Week commencing 27th February 2023.


This week had seen the Otters come back in full education mode, ready and eager to learn.



This week Otters had continued to challenge themselves in difficult concepts of Fractions as Decimals, improving their understanding of place value and really pushing their mathematical understanding.



Otters this week reviewed The Wind in the Willows, identifying personification within the text and using their VIPERS skills to improve their Reading skills. Also, Otters have began to use their knowledge of Ancient Egypt to begin to write a diary entry from the perspective of Maya  (best friend to Tutankhamun), showcasing their literary skills.



Further lessons this week have looked at, mummification; Where we looked at how Ancient Egyptians were mummified by using a willing volunteer to become our Mummy for the day. Healthy diets; Otters became personal nutritionists highlighting sugars and portions of fruit and vegetables within a weekly diet. Finally River dance; Otters began to plan a showcase of movement where the flow of a river within a setting can show how rivers flow.



Geography - River dance lesson

Week Commencing 2th January 2023.


This week was our first week of 2023 and an enjoyable week it has been. Well done for all Otters coming back with the perseverance and determination to succeed in every lesson. 



This week in Maths we recapped coordinates in a fun, enjoyable way. Pupils have taken part in a class Battleships competition where they applied their learnt knowledge to compete against themselves and find out who came out on top. Brilliant effort from every single Otter this week during Maths. 



This first week back had seen the Otters looking into Around the World in 80 days by Jules Verne, using this tricky text to answer VIPERS questions. In Writing, pupils began to look at another narrative story in which we delved into the craziness of a cyclone, in order to gather synonyms, similes and personification to enhance our writing.



This week had shown the introduction of the Otters History topic of Ancient Egypt. Otters made their own unique Pharoah headdresses, ready for some lessons in the near future where we will utilise these in a drama lesson based in Ancient Egypt.


Overall a fantastic week by all the Otters since the start of the week. I hope you all had a good holiday break and we continue this drive and determination throughout the rest of the year.

Week commencing 5th December 2022.


This week Otters got into the festive spirit, completing assessments, practicing the Christmas play and creating festive hats for the School's Christmas dinner. 



This week ended a fantastic week for the Otters writing unit, with some wonderfully creative writing being completed and marked. Also, some outstanding results in this weeks English assessments from Otters Year 4's and 5's.



Another brilliant performance from Otters showing progression in Maths through assessment. Also, a fun and engaging area lesson in which pupils tested each other on their area knowledge. Brilliant Maths all round from out Otters.


Christmas play.

This week began intense practicing of the Christmas play, Otters have outdone themselves in their performance, committing themselves in not just the learning of the words. But also, the performing of songs. They have outdone themselves in all aspects this week. 


Well done Otters!

Mr Farr

Week commencing 28th November 2022.


This week our Christmas celebrations kicked off in style with parts being handed out for our Christmas play and also learning our whole school songs. Brilliant effort in all subjects with pupils really getting into the Christmas spirit.



This week Otters looked at perimeter, measuring rectangular objects in the room. Also, pushing themselves with previously learnt concepts by expanding their understanding of 4 digit by 2 digit multiplication.



In true Christmas style, we looked at A Christmas Carol novel, using inference and P.E.E to discuss key features of text and understand why Scrooge, may have been the way he was for a reason.



This week Otters continued their Light Science topic, by creating Shadow puppets. Some fun, creative and crazy creations being made by all our Otters this week. They also watched Attraction Shadow theatre group for inspiration (A must watch if you have not seen it before).


Overall, a brilliant week from all our amazing Otters. Well done folks!!

Week commencing 21st November.


This week Otters had another brilliant week, consisting of researching a South American country to challenging themselves in Maths.



This week Otters started to get into the Christmas spirit buy looking into A visit from St Nicholas (a poem from 1823). They used brilliant inference and retrieval skills and even pushed themselves into P.E.E questions. 



This week Otters looked at short division which challenged all pupils. But through great resilience they pushed through and managed to understand the concepts.



This week as we can see on our Otters Blog, the pupils looked at Costa Rica and researched the fascinating country. Enhancing their understanding of the world and creating digital presentations which celebrate the country and what they learnt. Some pupils expanded their horizons and even wrote in Spanish.

Otters Costa Rica video.

Costa Rica Facts

A Video created by one of our very own otters celebrating Costa Rica when looking at different countries around the world.

Week commencing 14th November 2022


Another brilliant week for the Otters. We started out with raising awareness for Anti-Bullying week by wearing our odd socks for the 'Odd Socks' campaign, to ending it supporting Children in Need by wearing Spots and yellow. 



This week pupils extended their understanding of multiplying numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 including decimal numbers. A difficult and challenging concept, conducted brilliantly by the Otters.



Pupils began a new writing unit, looking at The Gorilla by Anthony Browne which will help them create their own adventure story.



Otters this week started to look at how archaeological finds have helped shaped the way in which we look at the world today. 


Overall a brilliant week from the Otters this week.




Week commencing 7th November 2022.


Otters had another brilliant week this week, where they got to showcase their work to their parents during our Parents' evening. They have also been outstanding in all lessons, moving on to square numbers to writing independent poems for Remembrance Day. 



This week pupils moved on from traditional formats of multiplication and applied themselves into square, cubed and even a little go at quartal numbers. 



This week Otters had stayed with the similar theme of The Present, a very profound video (which we should all watch when we are able too) that allowed for pupils to enhance their advertisement skills. Pupils even wrote adverts for their own pets, which provided some interesting results (lots of lucky pets within our Otters family).


Overall, what a fantastic week from the Otters and thank you to all parents that I have spoken to for your attendance at Parents' Evening and subsequent meetings. Was a great pleasure in meeting all of you to discuss your little Otters. 


Thank you

Mr Farr


Still image for this video
Pupils this week participated in a drama lesson for our History/Geography topic of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Bringing together everything they have learnt throughout the first half term leading into this term. Pupils were fantastic and unique in what they were acting out. Performing in silence, really got the other Otters to think about what was being performed and what they could remember of the Unit so far.

Week commencing 10th October 2022.



Yet another great week has passed us once again, getting the year 5 and 4 Otters ready for assessment week.



Pupils this week have widened their understanding of English by looking at Chromatography linking in Heston Blumenthal's crazy recipes, ending the week with an exciting Mentos and Coke experiment. 





Otters this week, furthered their understanding of graphs, charts and tables and began to interpret data to answer problem solving questions. Although a difficult concept to understand especially as year 4's may have not looked at this yet. They all did superb and have excelled themselves completely throughout the week.




Throughout Geography and History this week, Otters have been widening their horizons in the age of the Anglo-Saxons and understanding where they settled in England.


Week commencing 3rd October 2022.


This week Otters class had another brilliant week, with behaviours being improved and people pushing themselves to new heights. Super proud of our Year 5's for the cross-country event and finishing a challenging race, even though they may not have been ahead they have gone above and beyond in completing. 




This week, pupils looked at another challenging concept of column subtraction with 4-digit numbers. Although some might have found it difficult, they persevered and completed all work set.




This week the pupils had been continuing their Street beneath your feet work and also enjoyed reading lessons. Where focus on songs from Lion King and Tangled enhanced their inference skills. 




This week looked into an unknown palaeontologist Mary Anning, whose work was the foundation for many scientists in the time and future scientist. Allowing us to know more about pre-historic creatures and how the world was millions of years ago.




This week pupils began their Anglo-Saxon topic and looking at how they came about in England in the 5th Century. Understanding which countries Anglo's, Saxon's and Jutes all came from.


Overall, a fantastic week for all Otters.

Otters Week commencing 26th September 2022.

We had a brilliant week this week, from doing lots of collaborative learning in Science with Mr Brookes’ class to research collaboration to enhance our English writing skills.


This week the Year 4/5 began to look at ‘The street beneath my feet’ and began to develop a deeper understanding through research about the world below. This research will look to enhance their writing skills, throughout the next week.























This week’s focus was closing out our place value section of Maths, where they would begin to apply and develop a deeper understanding of digits in their place value sections. Also, Otters class began to enhance their knowledge of Roman Numerals by comparing and ordering Roman numerals up to 1000.

Afternoon Topic

This week saw the finale of our Monarchy topic, focusing on the 4 George’s. This topped off an interesting insight into the Monarchy and how they came to be King’s in England.


This week pupils started to look at colours and deepening their understanding of questions in Spanish. Deciphering questions in Spanish to help answer questions in English.

Week 1

I have had the best time welcoming the children back into school as our new Year 4/5 cohort! They have worked extremly hard this week show casing their arithmetic skills and even trying to complete a test for the end of the year 5! They have shown great resilience and determination. However we have noticed that times tables are still a struggle so don't forget to use times table rockstar and multiplication test on maths frame to practice!


We are ready and eager to learn after completing some reading this week and understanding the changes, we are now ready to practise all those skills we need to improve on. Alongside this, the children have been practising note-taking on their iPads, giving lots of information about the Anglo saxons and have being doing lots of writing wonderful short poems about what they didn't do over the school holidays! If you want a laugh ask them for some of their favourite examples!