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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Class Blog

Welcome to our Nursery Blog page for 2021-22

Week 1

Our week may have been short but we managed to fit in a lot of learning. Not only have we got to know each other, but we have also come to grips with a new daily routine. This includes Phonics, Maths, PE, Finger Gym and Story Time to name but a few. We have had a fabulous time and We are pleased to report for the first time in my career, there has been no tears! You should all be very proud of yourselves to a brilliant start to your school week.

Our song of the week is ..........

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Sing It)

Get the Super Simple App for iOS! ► along with this super simple version of the classic kids song, "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes...

Warning cute picture alert!!!!

Check out our first day of school pictures......

We have begun to explore with our senses buy playing with the moulding soap. We used words such as "fluffy" and "soft" to describe its texture. 

Myself and Mrs Tomlinson had endless cups of tea and cake served in our very own Nursery kitchen!

We used our hands and some tools to manipulate the playdough into different shapes. Here is Oliver, he made a Woffle!!

We loved using the paints to create our own works of art, some of us even noticed that the colours changed when we mixed them together.

Welcome to week 2

We had a brilliant start to our Nursery Mice journey last week, and we happy to report week 2 has gone equally as smooth!! 

We welcomed Oliver to our class this week and he has settled in beautifully.

Our nursery rhyme has remained the same this week, however the children have found a new favourite song. Its quite addictive so please be warned!!!!!

10 Apples On My Head | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Get the Super Simple App! ► apples on your head!? Wow! Here's a super simple and super silly song for practicing the names...

Our finger gym activities this week have seen us threading beads and building towers. All of which help to develop our fine motor skills, this in turn strengthens the muscles in our fingers ready to hold a pencil.

As well as defining our fine motor skills we have also been using our gross motor skills, using the bikes and scooters outside we have been learning to ride the bikes and balance on the scooters.

Friday saw Kidsgrove Primary School officially becoming a Digital School. We all came dressed in our costumes and had a fabulous day, we even got to play "hulk Smash" in the hall which made some children very happy!!

Hello week 3

Another fantastic week in nursery has seen us exercising our sense of smell. Our nursery rhyme has been all about our senses as our termly focus is "All About Me"


We took some balloons into the hall today and using our gross motor skills we practised tapping, pushing, hitting and kicking them. Our intention was to keep them of the ground and we did a brilliant job. We even worked in pairs and passed the balloon to each other.

Using our sense of smell we were brave and sniffed our mystery boxes! We had to decide if we liked what we could smell. We used our new vocabulary "vile" and "pleasant" to describe it.

Last week we practised our fine motor skills by practising with the scissors. This week we have put those skills to the test by creating our own masterpieces using various materials.

Outside we used some large polystyrene blocks to make tunnels for us to go through and around on the bikes. We had to be very careful not to touch them, otherwise they fell over!!

We made the most of the weather on Wednesday and took a walk out onto the back field, here we found some blackberry bushes. Some of the berries were red and we decided that they were not ripe, so we did not pick them. Instead we found some big juicy black ones, these we picked  and took back to class. First we washed them and then we ate them!!! Yum yum.

 As our topic this week is "All about me" we used biscuits and a selection of lollies to create faces. We were careful to get the right amount of eyes and and correct colour hair!

Week 4

Our children's interests have taken us to creating Peppa Pig land in class this week. As you can see it was a huge success with the children waiting patiently to be Daddy, Mummy and George pig.

We are talking about our sense of touch this week and our rhyme is

"I Have 10 Little Fingers"

Ten Little Fingers (Song)

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard EnterprisesTen Little Fingers (Song) · Tumble TotsAction Songs: Rhymes & Songs℗ 2002 AVID EntertainmentReleased on: 2009-0...

We used our imagination today as we played with some huge cardboard boxes. Dexter made a bath out of his box and Ayrton used it as a racing car!

We put our sense of touch to the test today by hacing a bare foot walk around our play ground, and then to top it off we got to jump in muddy puddles just like Peppa Pig!! Only we did it with no wellies on!! Our senses were on overload. We used words such as spikey, squishy, soft, hard and cold to describe what we felt.


Still image for this video

In the art room this week, we got to play with the musical instruments, some of which we had never seen before! We began to tap simple rhythms and our names, we also played along to our song of the week. We also mentioned how some of the instruments sounded different. Some had a deep sound and some had a high sound and we mimicked this with our voices.

As part of our phonics this week we went on a super hero listening walk, this was so that we could tune into environmental sounds and get our ears accustomed to listening to sounds.

Our gross motor skills were put to the test in the hall this week as we used a selection of balance beams. We learned to our arms to help stabilize ourselves so we would not fall of!!

After our visit to forest school on Friday afternoon we came back to class and explored what we had found, we used our senses to describe what we had found and then used our items to make a face.

Week 5

Our learning journey this week is taking us on an exploration into the sense of taste and looking after our teeth.

Our nursery rhyme this week is "Here we go round the Mulberry bush"


Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush with Lyrics | LIV Kids Nursery Rhymes and Songs | HD

It's time to sing along, learn and dance with the popular nursery rhyme Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush. #livkids emphasises on learning theories through ...

We started the week with a food tasting session. we got to try lemon curd, tortilla chips and honey. We learned three new words to describe how the food tasted, sweet, sour and salty.

We then independently completed a a work sheet, colouring the pictures of things that we could ONLY eat. 

Monday was also the grand opening of our new role play area, the Baby Clinic, and just like the petrol stations, the kids were cueing up to use it! So far we have treated babies that are to hot, caught a cold, weigh to much or dropped on the head!

Tuesday saw us making our own toothpaste using natural salt, bicarbonate of soda and peppermint essential oil. We also discussed why it is important to keep our teeth clean. Too much sugar can make your teeth go black and rotten! We practised on wipe boards, with tooth brushes trying to remove  black marker pen!

In the art room we made our very own mouths using card and polystyrene chips, we even put in a tongue because that has all of our taste buds on!

We were lucky enough to buy some space hoppers with some money we fund raised last year, so today we used the fancy machine to pump them up. We then took them into the hall and had lots of fun bouncing around!

As we are talking about our sense of taste and looking at dental hygiene this week, we all had a chance of showing Mrs Cartwright how we brush our teeth. I was very impressed by some of the technics used, however my choice of toothpaste did appear to be a little "spicy" for some of the children!!! I have recorded them and a link to watch them will be in the children's individual learning journeys. 

As part of our Phonics learning today, we played some games with the shaky eggs. The aim is for the children use their listening skills and focus on the instructions given. As you can tell by watching the video below, we are very good at it.

- YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

The weather did not stop our creativeness this week, instead we added paint to the the wet mud that had been created and used this to paint. It was very messy but we loved it all the same.

Friday saw a very special visitor in class. We had worked hard all week at remembering to do the right thing and listening to instructions. So Tico the hamster came to see us. He belongs to Mrs Tomlinson and we were very lucky to have him join us. We were extra careful to use our gentle hands and quiet voices so as we did not hurt him.

For forest school today along with our reception buddies, we were on a mission to find sticks, however these sticks had to be not to long, not to short and not to heavy. When we got them back to class we used streamers to turn them into wind wands. We then took them outside so they could blow in the wind.

Week 6

Welcome to week 6, I can't believe how quick our time in nursery is going, we have all adapted to our classroom and have established a solid routine with our learning. 

Our sense of sight has been the topic of investigation this week, and we have been using words such as colourful and bright. Our rhyme this week is ........


We have been experimenting with torches and lights. We curiously watched as they shone brightly around the classroom and reflected off the glass and mirrors.

We have also been lucky enough to have a new light box to experiment with. We used lots of colourful shapes to make our own pictures. Oliver made his own "Space shuttle"

We used conkers to make our own works of art, we dipped them in paint and rolled them across the paper.

We have been very busy in phonics this week, firstly we tool the tapping sticks outside and tapped them on various objects to see if it made the same sound. Some made a high noise and some made a low noise.

We also sang some of our favourite nursery rhymes and added our very own sound affects!!

Phonics rhyme sound swop

We also made up our own movements to instruments, from jumping to shaking, we had to use our listening ears to make sure we did the correct move!!

Phonics movement to sounds

Our hand eye co ordination and fine motor skills were put to the test as we passed the elastic band around our circle using our fingers. It was quite tricky as first but we persevered and became fantastic.

Band motor 1

band motor 2

Some of us have been practising their pencil skills and have begun to copy some letters of their name. They had the opportunity of using the wipe clean light boards. They also did a brilliant job of looking after them.

Our maths table this week introduced us to representing numbers. The children traced over numbers and then matched the correct numeral with a picture.

In our water trough this week, we bathed the dolls. We used plenty of bubbly water to ensure they were clean!

On Friday we all came wearing yellow and paid a donation towards Mental Health Awareness. We made pictures of our faces and talked about what made us happy, we all spent time completing a mindful colouring. In the afternoon we joined reception for some relaxation. We taught them our breathing techniques that we use Nursey when we do our daily self regulation. We then learned some new yoga moves, some of which were very tricky! 

Week 7


Welcome to week 7, we are exploring our sense of hearing this week and our song of the week is a favourite from last year.....

Five Little Pumpkins | Pumpkin Song | Super Simple Songs

Check out the Super Simple App for iOS! ► five little pumpkins are so emotional ^o^. Enjoy this Super Simple Song at Halloween o...

We started the week with our fine motor skills practice. We used pegs to pick up pom pom's and place them in a tray. The large pom pom's were the hardest as we had to squeeze really hard on the peg. 

Some very large pumpkins arrived in our construction area, and we have been using them to develop our hand eye co-ordination. We have used the flat head of a hammer to tap tacks into them and then use the claw to pull them back out. Our patience has also been put to the test!

We have used our sense of hearing by exploring the musical instruments as well as listening to music on the CD player.

Oliver music 1

We took the parachute into the hall to play some games to help our gross motor skills. Mrs Tomlinson taught us some new games and songs which we loved.


Our baby clinic has been put away and to meet the interests of the children (following Tico's visit) we have a Vet's Surgery in the role play area. We have some very well cared for animals in there at the moment!

For phonics today we played Giants Keys. Check out the video below as we use our ears to focus on a noise.

Giants keys 2