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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Week 18

We started the week of by introducing our new children to Dough Disco, we showed how to roll it, pinch it and squeeze it. Its a firm favourite in nursery and as you already know its great for warming up those fingers.

'I like to' playdough action song

Please take a moment to subscribe :)Try out my other playdough action songs: your funky fingers on the move and develop your f...

We are visiting Antarctica this week, it is the polar opposite of the north pole. Did you know that Polar bears do not live in the south pole but penguins do!






We used our cutting skills to make some penguins for our display boards.

We used the popoids to make lots of different polar animals, from Arctic foxes to Penguins, we even had a giraffe!!

In the afternoon the children go to the art room with Miss Carter, at the moment they are talking about the artist Jackson Pollock. he used great big canvases and house hold paint to create his work. He did not use a brush, instead he would drip, drizzle and splatter his paint on, layer over layer. Today the children drizzled on paint over a previous piece of work to create layers. 

After this the children used fruit and vegetables to create shapes and experimented mixing the colours.

Our nursery rhyme this week is all about penguins. Some of you may already know this but it is one of our favourites.

Penguin Dance | Brain Breaks | Jack Hartmann

The Penguin Dance by Jack Hartmann is a super fun song for brain breaks. The Penguin Dance uses a growing pattern to teach left and right, following directi...

The children warmed up their fingers today with some cutting. we are getting very skilled at this now and most of us can do it independently.

At our maths table we have been using the pegboards to create patterns as well as recognising the numerals 1-5.

The sun was shining in the afternoon so we decided to brave the cold in order to get some fresh air. We shared the bikes and took turns to drive them, made mud pancakes and birthday cakes were on the menu in the sand pit.

Our sound this week is "a", we have been playing games to familiarise our selves with it, today we played splat. We had to splat the objects that began with that sound, we had to be careful as Mrs Cartwright tried to trick us by using a different sound!

Some of us played a guessing game. We had to listen very carefully to Mrs Mathews as she described an animal, we then had to work out what animal it was. 

Last week we used our hands to make polar bears, so this week we used our feet! We laughed as we squished our feet into the black paint and made a print onto the paper. Tomorrow we will turn them into penguins.

We have used our observational skills to paint pictures of penguins. We made sure we chose the correct colours, baby penguins are grey so we had to mix the black and white paint together.

We had a fabulous time with the parachute this morning, shaking it in and out and even running under it!


With the help of Mrs Williams we had a go at writing our sound of the week on the board. To write "a" we go around the ants body and down its head.

The hairdressers is no more, instead the children decided that they wanted a doctors surgery. They have been brilliant at waiting there turn in the waiting room!

Some of the children made up their own game of splat today using the "s" and "a" sounds. Its always a pleasure to see the children copying what they have done with the teacher. Melts my heart. x

The children finished of their footprint penguins today. They carefully cut out a beak and some flippers, as well as counting out 2 googly eyes. They stuck them all on and "hey presto" the cutest penguins you ever did see.

We have been lucky enough for Lorenzo the Bee Active coach has spent some time with us this afternoon. We played some great games that helped with our balance and co-ordination, as well as strengthening activities such as jumping and hopping.

We did an oldie but a goody for our fine motor today. We stretched the elastic band between our fingers and passed it to our friends. Our new children had not done this before but they did a fantastic job.

Sticky kids is very popular with the children at the moment so we warmed our bodies with the Bend and Stretch song.

Sticky kids

We have had some fake snow on a tray this week, and the children have done a brilliant job of practising their "a" and "s" sounds.

The children practised their pencil skills as they traced around the penguins. Then using the paints they painted them, they had to be careful they used the correct colours for the different parts of the penguin.

As a group we did a sound sort. We had lots of different things that began with either "s" or "a", we had to choose an item say its name and then decide on its initial sound. We then popped it into the correct tub.

Week 17

Off to a flying start this week by using our fingers to play marbles. however we had to flick thine marbles using our Peter Pointer finger. They rolled everywhere!!

We are talking about the Arctic region The North Pole This week. e have lots of small world animals that live there. We have Polar bears, Arctic Hare's, Huskies and Arctic Foxe's. We noticed that they are all the same colour, White, just like the snow. This is so that thy are camouflaged from other animals so they don't get eaten!  

We have learned a new nursery rhyme called 5 Little polar bears. We had great fun acting it out and pretending to be polar bears.

We had great fun playing shape bingo. We had to really think hard back to last terms learning to remember how many sides an octagon had. We also came across a hexagon and a pentagon. Do you know how many sides they have? 

For our wellbeing today we tried some Comic Kids yoga and went on a Sonic the Hedgehog adventure. It was really cool and we had lots of teachers coming in to see how fabulous we were at it!

Sonic The Hedgehog | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Join Jaime for a SPECIAL yoga adventure inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog movie! Step into Sonic's sneakers and find out how it feels to be the coolest hedg...

The peg boards and pegs came out today for us to warm up our fingers.

Some of us are taking the next step on our phonics and beginning to learn sounds. Our first sound is s. We used of listening ears to distinguish weather an objects initial sound was "s".

Some of us played "Simon Says", we listened very carefully to instructions and only copied when we heard "Simon says".

We had previously used ink to paint a North Pole landscape, and today we used a stencil of a polar bear and painted the Arctic animal.

We used polystyrene chips and water to create our own Arctic animals. We had wolves, polar bears and a fence to keep them all in!

We have been practicing writing the number 0 in our provision this morning which was fantastic to see.

We have used a different technique to create polar bears today, we painted our hands with white paint and then made a print onto paper! It was very messy and tickly!

We listened to some classical music, it was by Vivaldi and called Winter. Some parts were very fast and some were very slow so we reflected this in the way we moved. We made blue streamers and pretended to be snowflakes.


Still image for this video

Some children are looking at the "s" sound this week and today they have begun to form the letter with the wipe boards and markers. 

Some children played along to our favourite nursery rhymes with the musical instruments.

We all went to the hall for more music and movement. This time we took the scarves and danced along to music. Moving fast and slow, moving up and down. Mrs Cartwright was exhausted!

To finish off our handprint polar bears today, we cut out our handprints and then drew on their features, such as ears, nose and eyes.

In the library we became detectives and found the sound "s" in the books. We found so many we lost count!

Mrs Cartwright set us a very tricky task this morning. She put rice all over the floor and then asked us to pick it up!!! We had to use our "poly pincer" in order to do this which was a great way to use our fine motor skills! 

As "s" is our sound of the week we have been practicing writing it on the board, as we write we say "swerve around the snake". It is harder than it looks as we have to remember to go in the right direction to form it correctly.

We joined our bubble buddies for a spot of dancing. We love moving to "sticky kids", its a great way to exercise especially the song "stand up, sit down!"

Week 16

Happy New Year

Happy new year to you all and welcome back to Spring term 2.1

This term we will be talking about winter and the effect it has on our environment. We will also be investigating the Polar region and finding out what animals live there and how they can live in such cold conditions.

We had some new children to the Nursery Mice family today. Welcome Isaac, Max and Anastsia. They had a fantastic first day and settled into their new routine with ease. 

We painted pictures of Santa's visit and the gifts he had given us. They were all very lucky!

The hairdressers was very busy today. Appointments filled the whole day and there was lots of curling, brushing and shaving going on!!

In the hall for PE we danced along to Sticky Kids. These are great songs that get our hole body moving and shaking. One song in particular makes us sit down and stand up so many times we were all exhausted! 

Our fine motor skills have been put to the test this week in a variety of ways. From threading beads, playing tiddly winks and squeezing out sponges. They all help to strengthen our fingers ready for pencil control.

Something very exciting happened on Thursday, It snowed! We were all very keen to get outside and try and catch some snowflakes. We used our hands and tongue to catch them, although someone said they tasted a "bit fury!"

Moving on from our outside snow experience, in the afternoon we had a closer look at some snowflakes. We noticed that they were all different shapes and sizes. Using our new knowledge we designed our own snowflakes using paint and cotton buds.

We have been very creative with the Astro Stars, using them to make all sorts of things from space ships to motorbikes!

Another trip to the hall saw us practicing, jumping, hopping, walking backwards and the trickiest of them all, skipping.

For phonics we had to listen very carefully to instructions on what to do with our shaky egg.

Phonics egg

We have been looking at the Arctic, did you know the North Poe is in Arctic and its where Polar bears live. Polar bears have sharp teeth and claws because they use them to catch fish!

Watch this space for more interesting facts and craft projects as we delve deeper into our topic.

Week 15

I can not believe that we are in the last week of teaching for this year. The time has gone by so quickly and the children have settled so well into their routine it feels like they have been here for years!!

Boris was up to his usual tricks this morning. we came in to find him doing sand angels in the sand tray!

The children have been very busy writing their letters to Santa. New PJ's is on every boy's list so far (just to give you the heads up!)

We have had fun as we discovered our new Winter Village small world play. The train kept going around the track and their was the occasional snowball fight!

Our number knowledge was put to the test this morning as we played number bingo. We were recognising the numerals from 1 to 10. 

The children used scissors to cut out pictures of toys to stick on  Christmas stockings. Some children have very big wish lists!!

Boris was being a dare devil this morning by zip lining across the classroom on a candy cane! Wow he was very brave.

We had a very busy morning finishing off our Christmas cards and making our party hats ready for our Christmas lunch. We then had a quick play rehearsal before we go stuck into our yummy Christmas lunch, beautifully prepared by the gorgeous ladies in the kitchen.

We used our fingers and a selection of paints to decorate a gingerbread house. They looked good enough to eat!

Boris had made such a mess this morning, he hat tipped out the reindeer food all over the table and was making Angels in them!!

We used our fine motor skills today to have a game of Tiddly Winks! It was very tricky learning how to apply pressure to the button but we soon got the hang of it.


Still image for this video

We then had a very busy morning making Elf donuts. We leave these out on Christmas eve for the Elves to much on as they help Santa delivering all of those gifts.

We have also prepared some special food for Santa's reindeer. We have put it in a special jar and on Christmas eve we can sprinkle it outside for all of the reindeer to snack on as they wait for Santa (it is also bird friendly).

We put our prior learning to the test again this morning as we remembered all the songs we had learned this year starting with the first one....Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Even Mrs Tomlinson and Mrs Cartwright were put to the test remembering all the tunes!

We have also enjoyed a new song this week, another Gingerbread song and dance.

Gingerbread Man Dance and Freeze | Jack Hartmann | Holiday Freeze Dance

The Gingerbread Man Dance and Freeze by Jack Hartmann is a fun freeze dance song featuring the storybook character, The Gingerbread Man. Join the Gingerbrea...

It took the children quite a while to find Boris this morning, he was hiding at the top of the Christmas tree!

Myself and Mrs Tomlinson could not be prouder of the children this morning and their performance in the EYFS Nativity. We were so lucky to have no tears (Just a few serious faces!). We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

To end the term we finished we a fantastic class party along with our bubble buddies in reception. We had party food galore and lots of games, including pass the parcel, musical statues and bumps.

Myself and Mrs Tomlinson would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all the generous gifts and kind words in cards.  See you all in 2022.

Week 14

We came into school this morning to find that Boris the Elf was sitting in our Nativity set! We think he was keeping watch over Baby Jesus as he slept in his manger. 

As we are busy practicing our school Nativity performance we are already familiar with the Nativity story. Today Mrs Cartwright used the Nativity scene to re-tell the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Baby Jesus. 

A lot of the activities the children are doing over the next few weeks are Top Secret, as we create and make a host of festive goodies for you all. So pictures may be sparse but ill give you just a sneaky peak!

We have used our fingers to create Christmas lights on a string. 

Tuesday we came in to find Boris in the Els investigation centre, he was practicing his hand writing. Thankfully he had remembered to put the lid back on his pen!

We have been given some bubble wrap by our very good friend Mrs Williams in year 2. So we used our pincer parrot fingers to pop all the bubbles. It was a great way to build up the strength in our fingers.

The instruments came into good use today as we played them along to our Christmas songs. We tried hard to keep a beat and stay in rhythm to the music.

We cooked up a storm with Mrs Tomlinson as we created a "Top Secret" surprise for our families. Although we can not eat them, they smell delicious.

We found Boris in the reading area today playing snap with his friends!!

We were very lucky this morning as Mrs Tomlinson made Gingerbread with us. We all sat together as we discussed the ingredients and measured them out on the scales. We then took it in turns to mix it up before we rolled it out and cut out Gingerbread men.

We also watched the story of the Gingerbread Man. We are getting very good at listening to stories and then remembering key events and characters.

The Gingerbread Man | Full Story | Animated Fairy Tales For Children | 4K UHD

Watch amazing Animated Fairy Tales playlist including Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, , Sleeping Beauty, Snow White Rapunzel, The Gingerbread Man ...

We have been playing a game of pairs using some Christmas shapes, this is very good for our short term memory development as well as counting and deciding who has more and who has less.

Boris had been busy this morning making a huge tower out of the cups and drawing a picture of Mrs Cartwright and Mrs Tomlinson. He also had a letter with him that had come from Santa!

After the excitement of Boris we dance to a couple of songs all about being a gingerbread man!

"The Gingerbread Cookie Dance!"🎄/// Danny Go! Christmas Songs for Kids

Get up and dance to this kids song about a special Christmas treat...GINGERBREAD! This silly holiday song teaches children how to pretend to turn into a ging...

We then set about decorating our gingerbread that we had made yesterday. Mrs Tomlinson had kindly taken them home and baked them in the oven and they were now ready for their toppings. 

We then got to try them as we had our morning milk, Yum yum.

Mrs Cartwright had discovered some Christmas pasta shapes in Lidl, so we used them to thread onto string to make necklaces and bracelets. This is great for fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination.

In preparation for Christmas jumper day tomorrow we designed our own using a game on the interactive board.

On Friday morning we caught Boris in the act of having a pizza party with some of his friends!

We all came dressed in our Christmas jumpers today and raised money for charity by bringing a donation. We had light up singing jumpers, fluffy soft jumpers and jumpers with noses on!

We then performed our Nativity in front of the whole school as a rehearsal for next week. Some of us were a bit stage shy but we got through it even though one of our kings was poorly! We then had the pleasure of watching key stage 1 and 2 perform.

In the afternoon we managed to get out side for some fresh air and the mud kitchen was a hive of activity and cooking.

We then used our creativity to design our very own sparkly Christmas jumpers.

Week 13

Here we are at week 13 learning how to safely cross the road. We have looked and the traffic lights and what the colours mean.

Red is to STOP

Orange is to Get ready

Green is to go.

There are also lights with a picture of a person on them, When the person is Green then it is safe to cross.


Cross the Street - Nursery Rhyme with Karaoke

Cross The Street is a song that has a very important lesson about how to cross streets. There are some things you just have to follow~Our YouTube Channels:En...

We used some cars, play people and a home made zebra crossing to practice how to cross the road safely.

We used crepe paper to make our own traffic lights, paying close attention to the correct order.

Our fine motor skills have been put to the test again, threading beads onto pipe cleaners. Everybody managed to fill up their pipe cleaner! Well done. 

The Hot Chocolate Cafe has arrived at nursery and its gone down like a glass of warm milk! We have sprinkles, chocolate flake's, cream (well cotton wool!) and real marshmallows. Plus a selection of yummy cakes.

The weather stayed nice enough for us to give the bikes a spin outside. We are really building up the muscles in our legs know and can peddle up the hill.

We had a very special delivery on Wednesday morning. A little Elf on the shelf appeared with a letter and a gift. The letter explained that he had been sent by Santa to check that all the children in the class were doing the right thing. He came complete with a Santa cam that sits on our tree so that Santa can also see for himself. It was all very exciting!

We made an extra large pedestrian crossing in the class room and used this to show how we safely cross the road. We all did a great job of stopping, looking and listening.

Ayrton crossing road

We named our Elf Boris (Bozzer for short!) and painted him some pictures to welcome him to our Nursery Mice family.

On Thursday we got to school to find out that Boris had been back to Santa and returned with a special gift for everybody.  All the children had received an Advent Calendar! However Boris had been a bit cheeky and he had opened one and eaten some of the chocolates!!!!! I think we are going to have to keep a close eye on Boris!

We used paper cups to help with our fine motor and hand eye co ordination this morning. We built towers until we ran out of cups!!

Boris came back from his Santa visit this morning with a new friend, he was sitting quietly in the reading area reading to him when we arrived at school this morning.

The children used their creative side to make their very own motor bike using various boxes and lots of sticky tape!!

Preparation for the Christmas Nativity are well and truly underway, this however is all top secret so I have no pictures to show. I can tell you its totally amazing and has the cute factor 10 fold!! x

Week 12

Week 12 sees our focus turning to the police force, and how they help us in many different ways and not just "Catching bad guys".

The Police Man | Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes

Do you know the police man? Sing along with one of our favorite kids songs! The Police Man also introduces the Fire Man and the Mail Man.#nurseryrhymes #kids...

The police also help to direct traffic in an emergency as well as helping to find missing children.


As you can see we have had lots of fun with our small world Police station.

We used our fingers to kick the golf balls today in order to make our fingers nice and strong.

The rehearsals for our Christmas nativity are in full swing, more details will follow of dates and how to purchase tickets. Do not worry about costumes we have this in hand and they will be provided. Below are the songs that we are learning, it would be great if you could do this at home also.

It Was on a Starry Night with Makaton - Singing Hands

We love signing this song - it's a Christmas school concert classic! It's got a lovely pace for signing and features so many signs for the festive season. H...

Away in a Manger with Lyrics - Christmas Carols

Enjoy & Watch Away In a Manger - Traditional Christmas Song with Lyrics and Animation for Kids to Sing Along by Geethanjali Videos.Away in a manger, no crib ...

We have loved having the Small World town out today, its been fantastic listening to the children talking and using all the vocabulary we have been learning over the past few weeks.

We have been using the Tap A Shape to create houses, been very careful with the hammer as we tap the nails into the board.

The farm small world has appeared today, watch his space for more pictures!

The children have been using jugs in the water trough to pour and measure. We used words such as "Full" and "Empty" as well as describing the water as "cold and wet!"

Using our knowledge of People who help us, we played a game of Bingo! The children had to listen very carefully as Mrs Cartwright described a person on their bingo sheet. Once they had worked out who it was they had to put a teddy counter on it. Once their board was full of counters they shouted BINGO!.

The children worked very hard to complete a piece of work for their journals. They had to use all their prior learning to match the correct person of the community to a scenario. Such as "I have hurt my knee" would be matched to the Doctor etc.

Friday saw the beginning of the Christmas festivities. The decorations were pulled out of the shed and the children had a ball putting them up. 

In the afternoon the children were super excited to see and hear the hail outside, so excited in fact that they insisted on going outside to feel it! It was super cold!

Week 11

We have been talking about our community today, we named lots of places that make up a community such as supermarkets, hairdressers, schools and police stations.  The people that work in such places are all people that help us. This weeks song is all about that.

Early Years Song: People who help us

Here is a song for EYFS about people who help us, the tune is 'the wheels on the bus'. The verses include: teacher, doctor, nurse, dentist, lollipop man, cle...

Our mini Aldi supermarket has been very popular, the children loved filling the mini trolley and operating the conveyer belt!

The shop is still proving popular, unfortunately the cue's have been long (I blame COVID) but we wait patiently.

Our new interactive board has been put to good use today, We have all enjoyed playing maths and phonics games on them.

Group phase 1 phonics

Our cutting skills were put to the test again as we cut out shapes in order to make a house for our display.

In phonics we wrote our own piece of music and then we played along with an instrument. A dot meant we played softly and a line meant we played loudly. 


Still image for this video

In yoga we learned a new move. It is called the boat.

Wednesday was a very super exciting day for us. We got to go on a tour of our Kidsgrove community in the school bus. 

As you can see we got to see many places a lot of which were already familiar to the children. 

The children spotted a new game to play on the interactive board, so a Christmas gingerbread game we played.


Still image for this video

Our new phonics game this week was "Sleeping monkey" . One child pretended to be a sleeping monkey, the children then sang "sleeping monkey on the ground, shh shh don't make a sound". They then had to pass the tambourine around the circle without waking the monkey!

Sleeping monkey

Our paint brushes were at the ready again, this time we painted a picture of some one that helps us in the community. We had pictures of vets, teachers and firemen to name but a few.

We discovered a new dance by our favourite duo "Koo Koo Kangaroo" called Rollercoaster. 


Still image for this video

We took the parachute outside in the morning sun and as always had great fun singing and playing games.


Still image for this video

On Friday the children came dressed in spots as we joined in the fundraising for Children in need, and in the afternoon we joined our Reception bubble buddies to take part in themed dancing and crafts.

Week 10

Dinosaur land has arrived in Nursery much to every body's approval!. 

We have begun talking about where we live, we do not all live in Kidsgrove, Mrs Cartwright lives in Cheddleton! Some of us live in houses that look different. Some are joined and some stand alone, some have 2 stories and some have 3!

our song this week is a blast from the past with the tweenies.

gonna build a house.mpg

We used the Duplo blocks to build some houses, this is great for our fine motor skills but it also got us talking about our houses, such as how many sets of stairs they had, where the toilet was and if we had any neighbours. 

Deviating slightly from building houses, we finished off our Diwa pots from last week. Now that the clay was dry we were able to paint them with brightly coloured paint and a pinch of glitter.

We have completed an activity that tested our knowledge of prepositional language. We had to put teddy under the bed, next to the sink, on the toilet etc. We did a fantastic job.

In phonics we tried something new. We played a dancing game that involved lots of rhyming words.

Rhyming phonics

After having a good look at our own house, we then used the paints to paint a picture of it. We payed close attention to the colour of the door and how many windows it had!

Thursday we remembered all those that fought for their country during the first world war. We finger painted poppy's as well as making our own out of cup cake cases. We were also very respectful during the 2 minute silence. We watched a beautiful animation shown on Ceebies.

CBeebies | Poppies animation

'Poppies' is a BBC Children's remembrance animation. The animation sees The Great War experienced by the animal inhabitants of a WW1 battlefield. Visit us at...

All of our thoughts and art projects relating to Memorial da y have been used to create a beautiful display in our corridor.

Eco day saw Nursery and Reception becoming "Rubbish Warriors". Together we discussed the importance of recycling our rubbish to help reduce our carbon footprint. Even more importantly its important not to drop it on the floor as this can 

lead to animals being hurt. We then went on a hunt around the school grounds to find litter, this was then collected ready for recycling. We did a fantastic job that left the school grounds spotless!!

Term 1.2

Welcome back after our half term break, the children have come in beautifully today. They remembered the expectations of the morning routine and sat fabulously as we began the new half term. 

To start our learning this week we are looking at the Hindu festival of Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and discovered that Diwali means "Festival of Light". We made our own Rangoli patterns outside with the brightly coloured chalks.

Some of us designed our own Mendhi patterns on hand prints. This is usually done on ladies hands and feet using Henna.

We used clay to mould some Diwa's, which are lamps for burning candles. These are often put on shrines or buy your door to welcome many visitors.