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Kidsgrove Primary School

Empowering Learners...Growing Minds

Statement of how we know Reading is having impact?




Formative assessment takes place daily and helps teachers decide on what should be done next with pupils, how to adjust planning accordingly to meet the needs of the class and ensure progress.  These assessments allow teachers to understand how to support and extend children appropriately. These assessments are recorded on formative assessment sheets and used as an integral part of the lesson to set targets, identify gaps in learning and celebrate achievements. 


There is a difference between performance and learning. Teachers understand that pupil performance in the current lesson does not necessarily translate into the type of learning that will be evident tomorrow.  As a result, the use of low stakes tests enables teachers to regularly assess what learning has been retained by pupils over longer periods of time. This also provides pupils with the regular opportunity of retrieving information from memory, which consequently facilitates learning. These include: 

  • assessment for learning 

  • pupil voice 

  • starter activities  

  • quizzes, multiple choice and start/ end of unit questions  

  • standards of learning in books


Summative assessment takes place at the end of each term.  At the three assessment points, pupils also sit a standardised test so that gaps can be analysed. Children’s progress and attainment is discussed with senior leaders in pupil progress meetings.  


At the end of Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils carry out statutory assessments in Reading indicating individual progress. 

In the Foundation Stage assessment is recorded in each child’s Assessment Profile.     



The Reading Lead and Senior Leadership team are responsible for the monitoring of redaing and the standards achieved by pupils. Monitoring takes the form of: 

 • Lesson observations  

 • Resource scrutiny  

 • Book scans 

 • Data analysis 

 • Discussion with pupils and class teachers 


As an academy trust we are fortunate to be able to call on the support of other English leads and specialist teachers. Through moderation of planning, lessons and books, we can be sure that progress is made across all year groups. If progress is not being made, support is immediate, and steps are provided to ensure all pupils achieve and make progress.