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Kidsgrove Primary School

Empowering Learners...Growing Minds

Mrs S Fraser (Deputy Head)

Hello Everyone, 


Welcome, hello, bonjour to all of our new friends! 


I am the class teacher you will find squirrelling around in the Grey Squirrel's classroom, with my adorable fluffy colleagues and little, playful friends. If you can't find me teaching in the classroom, you may find me in and around the school, helping other children and staff, as part of the schools leadership team. I have many roles, all of which are focused around my passion and drive for ensuring that each and every woodland friend in this school, reaches their full potential and goes on to succeed in the best way possible. I am responsible for making sure not only are the little ones safe in my classroom, but for the safety of all the learners across school. I know that when children are happy, safe, cared for, valued and loved, then this is where they open their hearts and minds to new experiences, lots of wonderful learning and where they can establish positive and sustainable friendships and behaviours that will set them up for life. 


Over the last 12 months in working at this school, it has been my absolute pleasure to have worked with lots of children across school, but more importantly, it has and continues to be a privilege to be working with my year one little friends. I have been very busy working with Mrs Knowles and Ms Brookes, making sure that this school is the best that it can be. There have be radical changes over the last 12 months and I am pleased to see the progress that has been made, especially when I know it has been a tough time for everyone due to a worldwide pandemic. 


I am a teacher and leader that has worked in lots of schools, which have all been very different. Over that time, I have gathered a vast amount of knowledge around the importance of creating a positive learning environment for children and around the importance of breaking down barriers, which some learners may face throughout their life. 


I believe that it is my role, to ensure that no one is left struggling, left behind or left out and that by ensuring I provide children with magical learning opportunities and support in all areas (including their social and emotional wellbeing), that every child can be the best version of themselves and will succeed their own personal goals and desires. 


In this class, you will find that I will treat and respect the children, as if they were my own.  As a mum myself to two teenagers, I know how precious our children are and that all we want in life is for them to be safe, happy, loved and cared for and to ensure that they are given the best opportunities in all areas of life, so that they grow up to be sustainable individuals in the world ahead. 


Our class will be full of laughter, positivity and of course noise, because like me, the children love to chat about their learning. I think we are well matched to each other. 


This is just a little note on myself, so you know a little bit about me and how I came about to be at Kidsgrove Primary School, working with your precious little squirrels. 


Right, that is me over and out. I'm off to gather up my little ones, squirreling around in Year One. 

Mrs Fraser