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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Nursery Mice Class Blog

Week 36

This week is all about sport, Why? because Friday is our school sports day. We have already begun practicing our races, We are competing in a running race, egg and spoon and sack race.

Our sounds in phonics this week are "u" and "m". It was a bit tricky to think of words with the initial sound "u", however the children very cleverly found words with "u" in the middle!

The Pizza Shop has been busy this morning, the children were eager to replicate their Peperoni Pizza's that they made last week. x

Check out the children as they used there detective skills to find "u" our sound of the week, they even had a go of writing it. 

We have been using our creativity this morning as we made our very own trophy's. There were a bit tricky to make but Mrs Tomlinson was there to help us.

Today outside it was all about playing games, we had tennis, finger football and the to everyone's delight, the football table!

It is National Yoga day today, so of course we gave our Yoga skills a work out as we watched Cosmic Kids Yoga.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure about going on a bear hunt! (Inspired by the wonderful book by Michael Rosen)🌈 Watch our videos ad-free on the Cosmic Kids app:...

We have been talking about people who have a disability and the challenges that they face. The children were very surprised to see people in wheelchairs playing football and basket ball. We also looked at people who use "Blades" to assist them with walking.

In the afternoon we had a sports session that was designed around having a disability. We played "Blind Football" where the children wore blindfolds and had to pass a ball that had a jingle bell inside. Tricky it was but we had lots of fun. 

We also played "Boccia" and did a spot of curling! However to make it a little bit tricky we were not allowed to stand up!!

We have had hundreds of little water beads in the water trough this week, they may have been all over the floor but the children have loved poring them into containers and feeding them through he funnels.

We have been playing lots of games this week, we are learning to take turns, share and co operate with each other. For some its a bit tricky but we are getting there!!

As part of our sports week, we were lucky enough to be invited to take part in a "Dance Sport" afternoon. The children learned a dance routine which they then performed in front of our Reception Rabbit buddies. It was great fun.

With the help of Miss Carr, the children made "Bilboquet's using a plastic cup and scrunched up paper. We had a lots fun trying to get the balls of paper in the cups. 10 out of 10 for trying guys!!


Still image for this video

Check out our writing today, we have written some CVC words using the "u" sound.

We designed and made our own medals today.

We used our "Hoopla" game to do some adding. We through the hoops over the pegs and then added together the points. We then ha to decide who scored the most and the least points. Some children scored the same amount too.

Myself, Mrs Tomlinson and Miss Carr could not be prouder of our nursery mice children this morning. Their behaviour and sportsmanship was amazing at our sports carnival. Everyone competed, everyone smiled and everyone deserved their medals. Well done.

Week 36


This means "Hi" in Italian. The children loved looking at famous landmarks around the world, so this week we have decided to take a closer look at one of the countries we talked about....... Italy. 

We know they love to eat Pizza in Italy so can you guess what our song of the week is?

PIzza Hut Song

We are already familiar with The Leaning Tower if Pizza, but did you know it is actually a bell tower? It does in fact have 7 bells inside. The children have used various construction materials to make their own towers.

Did you know that are lots of different kinds of pasta? For our necklace making "funky finger" table we are using Penne pasta.

We have also been using our fingers to count this morning, we are getting really good at this.

In phonics today we have been introduced to our new sound of the week "e". We found this in our environment and then had a go at writing it.  

Some of us practised singing and playing along to the music with the instruments.

Outside the children made up a game with the domino's, check out the video.


Still image for this video

We have been very busy making super special things for the week end, we can let you have a sneaky peek!

Our pizza shop had its official opening today. The children were careful to use oven gloves when using the oven so as not to burn them selves!! 

We all know that Italians love pasta so the children have been using it to make some beautiful necklaces. This really gave their fine motor skills a work out!!

We had some magnificent models of the "Tower of Pisa" today, check them out.

In maths we played "Charlie over the Ocean", to make it a little tricky we added the numbers 6 and 7!!

The hot weather called for an afternoon of cooling down. First  a spot of paddling.

We have also been up to some secret mission "stuff" today, all will be revealed on Friday. 

Wow what a beautiful day today, making the most of the sunshine we took our activities outside. We all know that Italians make the best pizza, so today we made our own pizza's. We even took the oven outside!!! We had plenty of tomato sauce, some pepperoni and ham and finished it off with some cheese. 

We have some Venetian masks in the class that the children have loved wearing and being in disguise, so today the children have made their own. Can you guess who is hiding behind their mask?

What a fabulous morning we had, celebrating our dads/grandads/ mums and family friends. All of which play a very important role in helping us grow. Thank you to all who came it was fantastic to see you all.

Escaping the hot weather, we said goodbye to our special guests and headed off inside for a cool off! We continued to make our Venetian masks that we had started yesterday. The children have really enjoyed making them, we have a few more in disguise here.

Week 34

Welcome to our last half term for the school year!!


We have hit the ground running today, we are looking at healthy eating and making sure we have a balanced diet.

Firstly we used a selection of fruit and vegetables to paint, looking at all the shapes that they created.

Using the playdough we made some 2d and 3d shapes. We talked about how 2d shapes are flat and 3d shapes stick up!!

Outside we sang some of our favourite circle songs such as "Stir up the porridge" and "Farmer in his den". We also played "Duck, duck, goose" which the children loved, although some of them did not want to stop running!!

As we explored a rather large bag of food we talked about the 5 different food groups. These being, Diary, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fruit and Vegetables and the last one, Fats. We must remember that to much fat is not good for us so we must only eat a small amount. We then cut up lots of different fruits to make our very own fruit kebab, Yum yum.

Using our fine motor kills today we scrunched, squashed and squeezed some paper and turned them into potato's! It was hard work but we did it.

Our phonics sounds this week are "i" and "k", as you can see Ivy did a brilliant job of finding "k" in our classroom. Well done Ivy.

We have had some beautiful painting this morning, the children used a variety of colour as they painted a garden for the Queen and Super Potato!

We have been lucky enough to have been gifted a giant magnetic board this week, so the children have put it to good use by spelling out their names with the magnetic letters. 

The Astro stars have been turned into fruit and vegetables this week, however i think we had more banana's than anything else!!

Some of the children went on a number hunt this morning. They did a brilliant job.

We made our very own fruit smoothies today. We used ingredients from 2 food groups, these being Dairy and Fruit and Vegetables. The children chose the ingredients, bananas, strawberries, apples and grapes, topped off with nice cold milk. In the blender it went and out came our smoothie. Unfortunately it did not go down well with the children, I'm putting it down to the texture of the grapes and apple!! Oh well at least we gave it a try!!

We had some super hero's in class today. They did some super spotting of pictures and words around the school. x 

Some of us had a turn of writing our sound of the week on the interactive board. Some children wrote "i" and some wrote "k".

We had an awesome time using fruit and vegetables to create our very own Mr Potato Head.

The children took a lucky dip into the sound bag this morning, it is full of objects that the children pull out and tell us its initial sound, we had frogs, cups and mirrors to name but a few and the children helped each other if they were unsure, now that's teamwork.

Our knowledge of eating a balanced diet was put to the test today. The children were given pictures of food, they then had to decide if they were healthy or un healthy. In some cases they could even tell me the food group that they belonged too! What clever children we have in nursery. x

We brushed up on knowledge of 2d shape today, we looked at a crescent and a semi circle also. We then played "Charlie over the Ocean" which is one of the children's favourites.

In the afternoon sunshine we took some paper and oils pastels outside. Here we drew fruits and vegetables, making sure we chose the correct colour and using our fingers to "smudge" the pastels, It was a very effective technique.

Week 33


This week to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee we are talking about Queen Elizabeth. We will be looking at where she lives, talking about her family, admiring her jewels, and wondering what it would be like to be the Queen.

Although our song of the week was intended to be "The Queen of Hearts" the children have shown an interest in the Queens guards so we have decided on...........

CBeebies: Something Special - Grand Old Duke of York - Nursery Rhyme

Sign and sing-a-long with Mr Tumble to Grand Old Duke of York.Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games and videos for your...

Our "Superman" song practice is in full swing, the video we are following is below so that you can practice at home.

Superman - Dance

Monkey Tree Holiday Park does Superman Party Dance for the kids and Big Kids with Funky Monkey & Liam.Thanks to Black Lace for the awesome Track. You can vie...

In the sand pit the children have been making sand castles fit for a Queen.

We looked at pictures of the Queens jewels, in particular her crown. We noticed all the different coloured stones and how it has lots of gold on it which is very precious. The children then used their fine motor skills to finger paint a crown. 

Our sounds in Phonics this week are "c" and "p" not only are our children thinking of words with those initial sounds but they are now beginning to orally blend the sounds together.

As an adult led activity today the children have been drawing a portrait of the Queen, after which they were able to take their newly acquired drawing skills into the provision and draw independently. We had some outstanding results which have been proudly displayed in their journals.

With a selection of red, white and blue materials, the children designed their own flags. We used these colours as they are the colours used on the Union Jack flag.

Did you know that the Queens favourite drink is tea? Today we had a tea party using Mrs Cartwrights china tea set and some Earl Grey tea (only the best for our nursery mice!) . We carefully poured the tea into a cup and added a splash of milk. We tried our best to stick out our pinkies as we drank but it was a little tricky!!

Red, white and blue seemed to be the theme for our day as the children took these colours outside and painted with them. Much to their surprise they loved that when they mixed together they made purple.

Despite the weather the children made a carriage out of the crates fit for a Queen (they had to make do with me!)

We had some news that some Blue Tits had made a nest in the wall outside of Hedghogs, so we decided we would go and investigate. Surely enough as we stood quietly and patiently 2 Blue Tits came and went as they bought food for their babies nesting inside. It was wonderful to watch and we were able to recap on our past learning of how birds make their nests and look after their young. Mrs Tomlinson assures me she caught them on camera!!

We love to play games in nursery and today we have played 2! Our first game was snap, and the pictures were of things found in London, such as Buckingham palace, Double decker Bus's and Taxi's etc. The second game was domino's and the pictures were all liked to the Queen such as a "Throne" and a "Tea pot". Both games were modelled to the children with as much vocabulary as we could possibly give them. The aim now is for the children to know play them independently within the classroom environment.

The children have been writing in their phonics today, check out our pictures as they write their sound of the week, some children even used their sounds to "blend" them together to create a word. 

Our fine motor skills this morning was super tricky, we used pegs to try and pick up our gem stones, boy it was tricky and we had gems flying everywhere!

One of our art projects this week has been to create a Golden carriage fit for a Queen. The children have painted paper plates gold and then added wheels and window. They have turned out fabulous.

Our very own master baker Mrs Tomlinson helped the children to make some scones fir for a Queen. We shall enjoy these at our Jubilee party with some jam and cream!

We have had some budding soldiers in nursery this week, they were very good and standing still but being quiet was another matter!!!

Week 32

Our phonics sounds this week are "t" and "o" and the children were off to a flying start telling me that "octopus" "orange" and "Oliver" all start with the "o" sound.

We then set up an obstacle course in the hall, this was to challenge the children's balancing skills as well as testing their spacial awareness as they went under, over and across. 

The children have been talking about holidays and places they have been. So this week we are looking at landmarks from around the world. This will also tie in nicely when we look at London and the Queen next week.

Our song of the week is London Bridge is falling down.

Emma Wiggle | London Bridge is Falling Down | Emma Wiggle Songs | The Wiggles | Wiggles Emma |

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We played a new lotto game. It was a "Landmark" lotto game, the children had great fun matching the pictures and recognised Big Ben as we have a big cardboard one in our classroom!!

In Maths the children have been practicing writing numerals. As you can see they are pretty good!

Some children have been using words such as "big" and "small" as well as "heavy" and "light" as they talk about the properties of objects.

The children have been very creative and used our giant Lego blocks to build Big Ben. 

For our maths today we used to the words "more" and "less" to describe how many keys we had on our chains.

Some of us were given a super special mission, we had to find two items in the classroom and then describe them by using words such as "tiny" and "huge", "long" and "short".

The competition was fierce this morning with the parachute. Mrs Cartwrights team were beaten 3.2 by Mrs Tomlinson's team as we tried to flick the ball off the parachute.

Making the most of the glorious sun we took the bats, beanbags and frisbee's to the playing field. The children did a great job of sharing and playing together. 

Some children have been practising writing our sound this week "o". Haven't they done a brilliant job?

For our fine motor development today some children practised their cutting skills and some used the paper cups and stacked them to make pyramids.

Today we launched our new role play area. The campsite has been packed away and we know have a Tea shop. Its filled with cakes and sandwiches as well as tea and coffee making facilities!

Our little budding Mathematicians did a super job of matching the correct amount of bears to the numeral, well done boys and girls.

In the library this week the children found our sound of the week "o". They really are super smart!

The children have been practising their dance for next weeks Jubilee celebrations. We cant wait.

Week 31

Our phonics sounds this week are "a" and "d" and the children did a fab job of recapping sounds we have already covered. We have also begun to blend our sounds together such as m-a-t mat and s-a-t sat.

Dough disco got our fingers moving this morning and still remains one of our favourite activities. 

This is the way! | Play dough song for fine motor development | Dough dance

This is the way! is a nursery rhyme with a twist - use play dough with this song to increase fine motor coordination and strength in your little ones! Follow...

Modes of transport is the topic of conversation for us this week, we played a lovely game on twinkle. The children were shown just part of a picture and the children had to guess what transport they were looking at. 

Bicycles were out for us today and the children had a ball giving each other rides just like a taxi. Not to mention the leg workout they got!

The children used cars to make tyre prints in the paint. They also noticed how when the colours mixed they change. You cant beat a bit of missionary brown!!

We have been playing the "Passengers on a bus" game. The children rolled the dice depending what number it landed on then they placed that amount of passengers in their bus. They then rolled the dice for a second time and added that number of passengers to their bus. Then came the tricky part, the children counted the total amount of passengers on their bus. It sounds a bit complicated but the children grasped the concept very quickly and did a fab job.

Outside the children used the crates to make an aeroplane and a bus! Well done guys, they are awesome.

We had a super detective today who found our sound of the week on the board outside, well done Ariella

We took the B Bots outside and had great fun programming them to go backwards and forwards and side to side.

The children are becoming quite skilled on the bikes so today Mrs Cartwright set them a challenge. She made on obstacle course for the children to ride their bikes under, around and through objects. Their legs had a great workout!!

We turned paper plates into cars, giving them windows and tyres. The children also talked about wearing a seatbelt and how they sit in the back seat.

We had a new fine motor skills activity this morning. The children had to carefully put loom bands onto pop sticks, sounds easy but it was a little tricky.

Parking cars was on the agenda today. The children had to correctly match the number on the car to its number bay. We had some children that could read all the numerals from 1 to 10!!

Mrs Tomlinson told us a fantastic story about Vinnie the Bunny who would not listen to his mummy, the children were spellbound!

We played one of Mrs Cartwrights favourite games.......... Bingo. Our bingo game was Transport themed, the children had to tune in their ears to the different sounds and see if it matched a picture on there cards. We had jet planes, horse and carts and a steam train.

We also played with our transport ball. The children had to catch the ball and what ever picture their hands landed on then they had to name that transport. 

Look how well the children are writing their sounds of the week, "d" can be tricky because if we are not careful we write "b" instead.

The creativity in our class is moving to the next level, as the children begin to come up with their own ideas of what to make. As you can see just a few bits of paper, some glue and scissors can be used to make just about anything!! 

We have been lucky enough to have some big wooden Meccano in class this week and it has been used to make camper vans, as ores in a boat and some have even used it to compare size such as big and small.

On the adventure playground we played "The floor is Lava" game which the children loved, this was followed by a trip to the beach in our make believe bus and a ride on the donkey's!

As we are becoming more aware of our own feelings we have been looking at how other people might be feeling, and how we can understand how they feel by the way they look. The children sorted pictures of people into happy, sad and angry in accordance to their facial expressions.

We had the most fantastic time this morning, we cleaned Mrs Cartwright's car!!! 

We got lots of soapy water and sponges and set apart cleaning all the different parts of the car, we cleaned 4 tyres, two wing mirrors, 1 petrol cap, 2 number plates, 4 doors, 1 boot and 1 bonnet!  Mrs Cartwrights's car was shining like a new pin! 

Week 30

The children have now become used to our split teaching in Phonics. We have divided the children into 3 groups. Group 1 have been learning the sound "m", group 2 have been looking at the sound "s" and group 3 have been using their bodies to make different sounds!

We chose a partner for our fine motor skills so that we may flick a marble to them and then they flick it back. It is quite tricky as a marble is hard, but even the newest members of our nursery mice family gave it a go.

When we write we move our pencil in many different ways, today we pretended that our body was a pencil, we moved up and down, side to side and round and round!

We are talking about holidays this week, and what sort of Holiday we go on. A lot of the children go camping hence our class campsite but we will also be talking about caravans and hotels. On the camp investigation table the children have enjoyed experimenting with the compass's, we've had lots of children going North and South!

The children have enjoyed painting this morning, we had some very patient children who waited their turn as it was very popular!

We had lots of aching limbs this morning as the children took part in keep fit, wow what a lot of complaining we had! Anybody would think we had run a marathon!!!

Our name writing challenge has been a success again today, However you do have to "Be in it to win it". So the children have been writing their letters and focusing on way we form them before they post them in our box. Luca's name was pulled out of the post box today and received our "Learner of the day" badge. Well done Luca.

The children have created their own campfire today, using their hands to create the flames and paper for the logs.

The children have been exploring our new transport small world, it has trains, cars, aeroplane's trucks and bus's.

We have cut out triangles today and turned them into tents! They even have a picture of ourselves inside, they are very very cute. 

We had some superstar learners in the library this afternoon, as they looked at their books they kept finding our sound of the week "m". Well done guys Mrs Cartwright is so proud of you.

On the adventure playground this morning we used our climbing and balancing skills as we negotiated the equipment. Our confidence is beginning to grow as we no longer need adults to help us!

In the forest school we collected an array of natural materials and stuck them to our sticky tape bangles. The end result was beautiful and the children loved exploring the area.