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Kidsgrove Primary School

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Summary of Implementation of Maths at Kidsgrove

How do we IMPLEMENT maths at Kidsgrove? 


Mathematics at Kidsgrove Primary School is planned and sequenced using White Rose Mathematics, tailored to our pupils needs with additional depth provided by the NCETM and bespoke in-school material. Our curriculum is designed to ensure careful cumulative coverage, with a taught focus on the connectivity of mathematical concepts applied throughout the school year, with precise sequencing of taught knowledge and skills to enable strong progression for all pupils. Our cumulative and in-depth application of the curriculum allows our pupils to develop a more profound depth of understanding and application, as they building on previous learning while engaging with challenging and meaningful tasks. Through rigorous and consistently high expectations of pupils’ fluency, we ensure that pupils have the number knowledge to access the ambitious range of reasoning and problem solving ingrained in our curriculum.


Our Maths Approcah at Kidsgrove