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Kidsgrove Primary School

Empowering Learners...Growing Minds


 Writing at Kidsgrove  


At Kidsgrove, we encourage the children to become authors, crafting their own style to become fluent in writing.


Our children are taught a range of genres covering both fiction and non-fiction writing styles. The writing and reading curriculum is very closely linked as we value the importance of reading to aid writing.


Our children are immersed into the genres through a variety of texts, film clips, posters and books - and above all we encourage daily writing.


Your child will then publish their work giving them a sense of pride in their presentation.


They are encouraged to write independently for a sustained length of time using prompt mats, word mats and the working wall to help them. 



Grammar at Kidsgrove Primary School


As stated in the National Curriculum “Opportunities for teachers to enhance pupils’ vocabulary arise naturally from their reading and writing. As vocabulary increases, teachers should show pupils how to understand the relationships between words, how to understand nuances in meaning, and how to develop their understanding of, and ability to use, figurative language.

Throughout the programmes of study, teachers should teach pupils the vocabulary they need to discuss their reading, writing and spoken language. It is important that pupils learn the correct grammatical terms in English and that these terms are integrated within teaching.


At Kidsgrove we ensure the grammatical skills that are needed are taught within the English lessons – allowing for contextual learning linked to the class text – enabling the children the opportunity to transfer skills and show the knowledge acquired in other areas.



Spelling at Kidsgrove Primary School


Spelling is taught in a separate lesson, where the children are given creative tasks around the spelling patterns and meanings of words. Children have a spelling journal which is part of their homework whereby they practise their spellings and tested each week. The parents are encouraged to support with this – and the children’s scores are sent home each week allowing children the opportunity to practise any errors.