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Kidsgrove Primary School

Empowering Learners...Growing Minds

Welcome from the Executive Headteacher


Kidsgrove Primary School is an innovative and rapidly improving school based in Kidsgrove where all learners are empowered to be the best they can be. We believe every pupil has the potential to be extraordinary. Since joining the school, as Executive Headteacher in January 2020 we are ensuring that the staff and pupil make every day a magical day of learning. This is to ensure the learning suits every child's needs to ensure they make rapid gains not only as a learners across the curriculum but as an individuals prepared for the modern world we live in. It is our duty and privilege as a school to make a difference every day to every child and I am proud to be part of our Kidsgrove community.


I am Mrs Knowles, Executive Head Teacher of Kidsgrove Primary School (Since January 2020) for Shaw Education Trust. I have over 10 years headship experience, leading Waterside Primary School in Stoke on Trent from Special Measures to Outstanding. In May 2019, we were graded outstanding in all areas of the Ofsted framework. I am also a National Leader of Education (NLE) and a lead Ofsted inspector. At Kidsgrove, our aim is to rapidly improve the school to ensure that within 3 years it also is outstanding with standards in the top 10% of the country. I can confirm that 12 months into our journey - our school is 'rapidly transforming' and our Acorn pupils are all making exceptional progress. I am so proud of what we have achieved.


As part of our transformation, from September 2021, we are launching our digital strategy in partnership with Kidsgrove Secondary School. We want to ensure our subject based curriculum, daily teaching and learning and aspirations of our pupils is enhanced through the modern technology to prepare them for the next stage of their education. We cannot wait to see what we can achieve! At Kidsgrove Primary, every pupil has their own unique learning device. This offers personalised reading libraries, adaptive homework, learning platforms to review learning from the day and a quick and easy platform for parents to communicate daily with teachers. You will even see live learning and learning from every lessons as your child completes it. Each day will be unique with our virtual reality and immersive equipment. We can be sure your child will come home saying – they have explored London naming different locations, travelling to Egypt and exploring tombs or seen Mount Etna erupt – feeling the heat of Lava! It really does happen. This innovative practise will provide an excellent foundation for your child(ren) to develop as individuals.


At Kidsgrove, safety is paramount. Through our keeping safe online and in the community curriculum, our rainbow values such as friendship, courage and respect for one another regardless of age, gender, religion and academic ability – we embed the British values and are proud to be British citizens. At Kidsgrove - Every unique child really does matter and we offer an environment to meet their personalised needs. I can confirm that the pupils are currently making exceptional progress and this has been achieved through active partnership with our supportive families.


The aim of our provision is to encourage and foster a love for learning, whilst being nationally leading in digital transformation. We believe that this is the key to current and pupils future academic success. We are part of Shaw Education Trust - who further support in our child-centered approach and high expectations to make Kidsgrove a national leading school. We are committed and excited to ensure our pupils achieve all of their aspirations and dreams as lifelong learners. 


No appointments are necessary the doors are always open, so come and along and see first hand the magic of our either of our schools. We hope that you enjoy looking at our website and look forward to meeting you soon.

Mrs Knowles and the Acorn family of Kidsgrove Primary 


Contact the Executive Headteacher

If you need to speak with me or have a positive comment, thank you to share or to ask a quick question to a query or concern. Email Mrs Knowles or complete the contact form and the message will go directly into the Executive Headteachers inbox.