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Kidsgrove Primary School

Empowering Learners...Growing Minds

Our Class Blog

Week one. Week commencing 1.9.2021


Our very first week together (well two super fast and jam packed days!) AND Miss Newbons very first day at Kidsgrove Primary School!

We took these days to just get to know each other super well and to embed our wonderful routines and boundaries. We know that these are not to be strict but to keep us happy, healthy and safe. They also ensure our day is fast paced and organised to make the very most of every second!


What a wonderful, beautiful class. We have discussed our concerns and worries (mainly missing Mrs Cartwright) but don't worry, we will be doing lots of joint learning with our little Mice! We are super excited to start our year. We know that as long as we follow our school values, we will do just fine! 


Take a look at some of our superstar moments this week!







See you next week :) 

Rabbits x


Week two. Week commencing 6.9.2021


Our first full week in Reception! This week we introduced our very first topic of 'Who am I? What makes me special?'. We asked children to bring in photographs of themselves and their family as a discussion point for later on in the half term. We were so excited to talk about our Summer holidays and all about ourselves. Miss Newbon spoke about her baby Matilda and the children were so intrigued and interested. 


This week we also got to know our environments. We have a wonderful bright, vibrant classroom with rainbows galore! and we have a secret classroom (Sshhh, don't tell!) Whilst one classroom has every area of learning, our secret classroom focuses on the Literacy, Reading, Fine motor and Writing, Maths and Communication and Language areas of learning, as a more focused, calming classroom for adult led activities. We LOVE our secret classroom that we believe no one knows about!! We walk there very quietly so no one hears us!

Phonics started up this week straight away! We have started to learn our phonemes and are orally blending at every opportunity! This week we learned s,a,t,p and we use our working walls really well already! Very grown up!


Have a look at some of our learning. We have been super busy thinking about baseline. Our teachers are busy bees working hard to find our all of our wonderful prior knowledge!




Reading in our Reading Area :) 


Practising our mark making and even writing our buzz words!


This week we had a super special time. We invited our families into school for National Read a Book Day. We shared stories together and we enjoyed a story from our very own Mrs Cartwright! Have a look at the pictures. Making memories with our parents from the very beginning :) 


See you next week for more adventures :) 




National Read a Book Day with our wonderful families

Week 3. Week commencing 13.09.21


So, our baseline is complete! Our grown ups know what we already know and have so much planned to ensure we are busy little Rabbits and constantly progressing. We have been embedding our routines and now we even orally segment and blend when we walk to lunch! 


In maths, we are learning all about the numbers 1,2,3. We need to know EVERYTHING there is to know about these numbers before we move on. We have learned a new word 'SUBITISE' which means to 'just know' how many there are without counting. We can count out from a larger group and we can even find ways to make each number. 




We have been making our fingers really strong by completing lots fine motor activities :) Threading was our favourite this week.




Making different kinds of houses in the construction area




and being imaginative indoors and out!




We helped to set up  our new small world area! Down on the Farm!


and we visited out Forest schools area for the first time! Take a look at the attached document below!


Thanks for checking in! See you next week 

Rabbits xx





Week 4. Week commencing 20.09.2021


This week we have had a blast in Reception. We really are getting to know each other and getting to know what we enjoy. 

Miss Newbon has changed our role play area to a birthday party because we love birthdays! We have had a couple of birthdays in our class during September and we just love to celebrate. 




We have been writing birthday invitations and cards to our friends and designing our own birthday cakes! As well as throwing and  catching balloons and wrapping presents- which Miss Newbon has said is super for making our hands nice and strong for writing!




In  other news this week we have really been consolidating our maths learning of numbers 1,2,3. We can now use what we have learned with our teachers independently (on our own-new vocabulary in Reception this week!) and we have used it with the 'little family' sorting objects to match numeral to quantity and to find one more! We even used our learning of 1,2,3 to find shapes with 1 and 3 sides! We found circles and triangles everywhere!






We have explored instruments. Learning new words such as pace, tempo, pitch, rhythm and beat. We used our instruments fast and slow, high and low and loud and soft. 




As part of our topic this week and now we have told all of our friends all about ourselves and what makes us special, we now have started to talk about our families and how much they mean. We have discussed that all families are not the same (or how boring would that be?!) and that its just perfect to live with the people that we do! No matter who that is. We were very grown up and discussed similarities and differences and its what makes us who we are. 




On top of all of this we continue with daily phonics, maths and fine motor skills! (Our names are coming on a treat!) In phonics we are really super now at blending and segmenting and you will find lots of us are going to be coming home with a phonics book this week that we can start to use to blend to read with our phase 2 phonemes or we can discuss the initial sounds :) Miss Newbon is VERY proud.


We told you it was a very busy week! and it was finished off with a super duper surprise visitor (Miss Newbon didn't even know). Matilda -Miss Newbons baby came into school to see us! We were super with her, very calm and she loved us! It sparked a fantastic conversation about siblings and we asked lots of brilliant questions that we wrote in our floor book. It was so lovely to have Matilda with us for a few minutes. Everything we do in Reception is a fun learning opportunity!


Catch you next week!
Rabbits x

Week 5 Week commencing 27.9.2021


Another super week for the Rabbits!

This week we have had a super focus on oral hygiene! We have been learning all about how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day for two minutes, morning and night. There were lots of fabulous activities in our classroom and we even made a display





We have been learning all about the number 4! We can count out four, find one more, one less, subitise to 4 and we know the different ways of making the number four! Thats 1,2,3 and 4 now :) we are getting super good now.                                                                                                                            


As always we have been practising our phonics as every given opportunity. During phonics sessions, twice a day, in the corridors, waiting to go for lunch, at storytime...any second we can do phonics we do phonics! We are progressing SO well in our phonics. Most of us are now orally blending and segmenting. We are ALL holding our pencil correctly and most of us can write our names. Miss Newbon and Mrs Matthews are so proud of our phonics and pencil control they said we might be able to get a prize from the prize box soon!




That is us practising Dough Disco. We absolutely love it! It is helping our finger muscles become nice and strong for writing :) 


See you next week!


Week 6 week commencing 4th October 2021


Week 6 already! We cant believe how quickly the time is flying by!


This week we have had a gift. We have had our very own class mascot delivered to us by a special visitor in school. Please welcome 'Peter Rabbit!' Peter is an old rabbit and it is very important that we take good care of him. In return he will watch out for us showing the school values, especially showing respect and kindness not just to our friends, but to our teachers and our classroom too!


                                                                                                           We have drawn some pictures of Peter :) We will look after and love you Peter :) 



We have had lots of fun this week, giving Miss Newbon our interests and ideas for Autumn and for Halloween. The next two weeks of learning are going to be amazing as always and we cant wait. Its so nice when we get to plan with Miss Newbon! 


This week we have been practising our prewriting shapes and our cutting skills. It is so important to get our fingers moving and strong. We played Eye Spy to look for objects and to use our vocabulary. We listened hard for initial sounds and if we could....we wrote them for our Literacy journeys! Some of us have even been writing CVC words this week!




We transferred the skill of finding and saying initial sounds to our independent learning in the classroom...




In  maths we have been going deeper with number. We now know all about the number 4 and can subtise all of the way to number 5. We know that subitise means we can just say how many there are without counting. A very grown up skill. We can find the number pairs to four as well which is impressing Miss Newbon lots! We have learned the number rhyme to write the numeral....''down and across and down once more, that's the way we make a four!'. We know that it is super important to know ALL about a number because numbers are patterns and it will help us lots when we are older!


On Friday it was 'Hello Yellow!' a day to raise awareness of young peoples mental health. We dressed up in yellow and In Reception we used the film 'Inside Out' to talk about our emotions and to understand that its ok to have different feelings and emotions. Its ok to not always be happy and to feel scared, angry or sad is very normal sometimes. We thought of ways to help make us feel better and we know that that is the most important thing. There is always someone we can talk to who can make us feel better. Mrs Cartwright then gave us a wonderful session of relaxation and self regulation. We smelled lavender, practised yoga and we learned some self regulation movements for when we were not feeling quite ourselves. A lovely, calming afternoon, all together with our friends in Mice class. 









We finished the afternoon feeling, 'calm, relaxed and in a lovely mood'. We know that if we ever feel sad, cross or worried-we always have someone to tell. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Lots of love

Rabbits xx





Week 7. Week commencing 11th October 2021


This week we have been learning about Autumn.



Our classroom has changed into an Autumn sensation and every area of learning has been covered thoroughly as we learned so much about the change in season. 

In PE this week we have been learning how to follow a range of instructions. Every colour of the beautiful Autumn leaves that have been collected was a different instruction. If Miss Newbon shouted RED it meant we had to stop, GOLDEN YELLOW was run and BROWN was run! GREEN was roll and ORANGE was jump. We also followed instructions to get into a certain number of children per group when asked. So if Miss Newbon shouted 4, we had to find 3 friends to hold hands with an act like a leaf or a hedgehog in hibernation!



We have been sequencing the seasons in Maths and for our circle time this week. We wanted to learn which season came next and 'before' other seasons. We also thought of the characteristics of each season and how they were similar and different to each other. 



Some of us refined our cutting skills by learning about the job of a scarecrow and we had a go at designing our own...





This week we also did lots of Autumn art. We learned all about the changes in Autumn! We learned WHY the leaves change and fall to the ground and we had a look at the different colours! We had a go at using different textures to create our very own Autumn leaves for our floor book.


We had lots of fun in our Autumn sensory tuff spot, and Mrs Matthews bought us some wonderful little pumpkins called 'ALIEN EGGS'! from when she took her children pumpkin picking!

We have learned so much new vocabulary this week such as ALIEN EGGS, HARVEST, HIBERNATION, MIGRATION. We have had lots of Understanding of the World around us and have had the opportunity to learn new words and information that we did not know before!



Lots of Green Dojos this week for super duper listening. Our knowledge is now excellent and there's not much we cant tell you about hibernation! Our favourite is about the squirrels who find lots of acorns and nuts to bury so that they don't get hungry over the Winter, and the hedgehogs who eat and eat and eat, prepare their hibernation shelters with leaves and twigs. We read 'Don't Hog the Hedge'. Its all about a hedgehog who is preparing his home for the Winter but lots of other hibernating animals such as the Queen bee and the dormice really want to share it! So we made some new hibernation homes for the animals using junk modelling! 

We have learned so much about the seasons and the changes in the Autumn. Take a look at some of our wonderful learning including some WOW work!


Have a super week! See you next week for a super spooky catch up!


Love from Rabbits xx







Week 8. Week commencing 18th October 2021




This week we have been learning all about Halloween! As we continue to learn about Autumn, we have been thinking about the different celebrations during this season. We have had a super time with so many fun activities. We made our very own potions in the slime tuff spot and learned new adjectives to describe the texture!





Also we have done lots of observational drawings of pumpkins! We saw pumpkins of different shapes and sizes, colours and textures.


We have been witches and wizards and dressed up in different costumes in each area! The writing scientist was our favourite!

We also used prewriting shapes to design a pumpkin and some of us even learned how to write CVC words and captions! Our phonics application is getting better and better throughout the day! At the beginning of the week Miss Newbon completed our phonics assessments and she was SO proud of us. Most of us know ALL of our phase 2 phonemes and we are so good at matching the phoneme to its grapheme and its letter name!



We have been in Reception now for 8 weeks and we have learned so much. We had a circle time to talk about our very favourite new learning, what we didn’t know before that we do now! We think the most popular new learning was maps! We learned that maps show us the way to go, who might use a map and where we might see a map. We made our very own maps of the school and learned where we live, our street name and the area of our school!

photo of floor book


This week we had a visit to the library in school. We learned yet more new vocabulary such as 'fiction' and 'nonfiction'. We will be learning much more about these soon but we know that our favourite stories that are in our 'class flower pot' are fiction books-made up, stories with characters and not a real life factual, information text. We found the 'blurb' and the page numbers. We talked briefly about the author and the illustrator. We can identify these in our very own books in our very own Reception reading 'secret garden'. 



Our maths learning. This week our grown ups watched our independent learning of numbers 1-5, ordering, counting, one more and subitising in the environment. We are very independent in using maths in our environment in all of the areas of the provision.







All that's left to say is, have the BEST Halloween and the BEST half term holiday. Rest, relax and enjoy time with loved ones. I have sent on Dojo some wonderful activities and games you can access on your iPads :)

Stay safe

Love Rabbits x