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Kidsgrove Primary School

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WC 15th November - we were so lucky to be invited to see the Zoo 2 U visit at Kidsgrove Secondary School where we were taught loads of interesting facts about tenrecs, skunks, owls, millipedes and bearded dragons! Did you know that even though a tenrec looks exactly like a hedgehog, it has a closer relation to an elephant!!


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WC 15th November - we had a great time in Science this week. The children compared the resistance of different materials on circuits to see which one would be the best conductor for the new flood lights at the local football stadium!


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WC 15th Nov - we started the week off by editing and publishing our war poems, which have turned out sensational. I'm so proud of the children for persevering with something they initially struggled with. We definitely have some bright imaginations amongst us! They've used their skills of onomatopoeia, personification, alliteration, rhetorical question and simile/metaphor to show emotional devices alongside their locked in writing skills.


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WC 8th November - we absolutely love concluding our week with a music lesson with Mrs Evans at Kidsgrove Secondary School! We have been using the BEATS of songs to get quicker and quicker when singing and have had so much fun practising different NOTES on the keyboard.

11th November 2021 - WE WILL REMEMBER THEM ❤️

WC 8th November - after our vocab lesson last week in science, we prepared and did our first scientific investigation into conductors and insulators using our new keywords variables, thermal insulators and conductors.  We compared  different materials based on how well they kept our hands warm from a tub of icy water!! 


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WC 8th November - the children loved writing their own poems to help to prepare them for our first published write of this half term, which is based on the beautiful short film 'beyond the lines', keeping in line with our War Horse class novel and our recent WW1 topic.

WC 8th November - we've had a busy week full of lots of learning, the children have dome amazing in maths and are becoming secure in their knowledge of multiples, factors, prime numbers, composite numbers, squared and cubed numbers! We started the week off by putting ourselves into arrays of numbers and using ven diagrams to find our common factors and factor pairs! 

WC 1st November - in maths this week, the children have really impressed us with their times tables knowledge! Keep it up on TTrockstars and use the maths slides on the learning support link for help with any homework! Multiples, factors, common factors, factor pairs, prime numbers ✖️➗

WC 1st November - kickstarting our science topic 'materials and their properties' today found us describing what we could feel in feely bags to help us to understand what properties are. The children learnt lots of new vocab which they will be quizzed on every week! permeable, magnetic, reflective, conductor, absorbant, insulator, waterproof, transparent, opaque, translucent, hard.

WC 1st November - in English this week we have been using different figurative language devices such as onomatopoeias, similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration. The children came up with some brilliant ideas for our senses bank, which they are going to use to help write their WW1 poems using some of these new skills, all in line with our class novel 'War Horse' (which you can find in learning support) and our recent WW1 topic. 🪖

WC 1st November - in PSHE this week with Miss Mayer, we have celebrated difference by making our own culture wheels using our keys words culture, conflict, belong, similarity and difference 🌎


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W/C 18th October - the children have created their own documentaries using their new digital knowledge to show their understanding of different species life cycles by comparing them 🦋🐥🐒🐠🐸

W/C 18th October - the children have created some brilliant anti bullying posters for our PSHE lesson with Mrs Dryden! They even got to do some acting out of bullying scenarios and discussed what they should do. 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️


W/C 18th October - We've kickstarted our week by learning about County Lines and what the signs are. The children did brilliantly on their quizes! 

WC 11th October - back in our classroom science lesson, we looked at eggs to support our learning of bird lifecycles 🐣 watch this space for some documentaries about life cycles!

W/C 11th October - this week we had the privilege of joining Kidsgrove Secondary for an incredible Science lesson. We were solving a murder using lots of different lab equipment and chemicals! All of the children got so involved and let their curiosities run wild 🕵️‍♀️ You'll be happy to know they found the suspect! 🚨🥽👩‍🔬🥼

W/C 11th October - this week in PSHE with Miss Mayer we looked at the consequences and rewards of our behaviour as a class and the children created their own class charters to help take ownership of their own behaviour. They had some excellent discussions and understood how behaviour affects the class as a whole 🏅

W/C 11th October - today we spoke to Maisy from the BBC about how our work could end up on BBC live lessons and how our learning could contribute to some of the lessons on TV!W/C 11th October - today we spoke to Maisy from the BBC who told us how our learning could help towards some of the Live Lessons on TV! Some of our learning will get sent to her every week and may end up on the lessons! How exciting! 🥳